No, YouTube's Fake-Boob-Biting Snake Didn't Die of Silicone Poisoning

By Patrick Morgan | March 16, 2011 4:35 pm

If the snake in YouTube’s latest viral video could talk (and were still alive), it’d probably take a line from Mark Twain: “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” After it bit Israeli model Orit Fox’s fake breast during a photoshoot in Tel Aviv, it apparently died of silicone poisoning—which is a ridiculous rumor at best, though you can be the judge of that:

The snake did die, but it doesn’t take a snake biologist to explain that it probably wasn’t from silicone poisoning. I went ahead and talked to a snake biologist—University of Sydney scientist Rick Shine—anyway, who wrote in an email: “I’m skeptical—it’s hard to believe that it could have ingested any significant amount of silicone from the bite shown in the video clip.” And even if the snake did get a mouthful of silicone, there isn’t any evidence that medical-grade silicone can poison a snake, he added. (Though he did point out—with a laugh—that some snakes do eat mammals, and this one went straight for mammaries…)

With no official snake autopsy (shucks), we don’t know the true cause of death, but Universidad Central de Venezuela snake biologist Jesus Rivas thinks that it’s probably what happened to the snake after the bite that killed it. As he told me via email, “The film does not go far enough but it seems like they could have man-handled the snake a bit too hard to get her to release (with their hooking teeth releasing is not easy) and they might have killed the snake in that process.” Certainly more likely than silicone poisoning.

As for Fox, she was rushed to a hospital, jabbed with a tetanus shot, and left a few hours later. No word yet on the fate of the snake carcass.

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  • C

    Little late. From what I understand, this story was reported on the blog “Oh No They Didn’t.” ( . ) The part about the snake being poisoned was actually just a joke, but then the story went viral.

    BTW: some of the pictures of Orit Fox are as creepy as the snake. Plastic surgery is one of those things which should be done in moderation.

  • M Burke

    Bet she gets salmonella to go with her dozen other infections. Yuck.

  • Georg

    Polysiloxane (either liquid or solid if only dispersed finely enough) leads to
    collapse of foam in the digestion duct. (that is for what it is in dozens of
    pills for “digestion”and is used as a antifoam agent in industrial applications and wastewater treatment) . That is all it does, like all other polymers, it can’t be resorbed and cannot “do” anything outside guts.

  • William

    The snake clearly just got the skin. Didn’t even penetrate the silicone implants. If the snake had died of silicone poisoning, guess what would have happened to Orit Fox.


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