NCBI ROFL: New weight loss plan: drink crappy wine.

By ncbi rofl | March 28, 2011 7:00 pm

Fine as North Dakota wine: sensory expectations and the intake of companion foods.

“Taste expectations can influence taste evaluations. It is not known, however, whether the environmental cues that influence taste expectations–such as suggestible names and brand labels–can have a referred impact on the intake volume of companion foods. Adult diners who ordered a prix-fixe restaurant meal were given a complimentary glass of wine that had been relabeled to induce either favorable (“new from California”) or unfavorable (“new from North Dakota”) taste expectations. An analysis of plate waste indicated that those who believed they had been drinking California wine ate 12% more of their meal than those who instead believed they drank North Dakota wine. In combination with a sensory-based lab study, these results show that environmental cues–such as label-induced sensory expectations–can have a far-reaching impact on the food intake of companion foods.”

Photo: flickr/@joefoodie

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  • wolfdem

    I never hear about that but i ll try this method , in the meantime this is a really good experience and ……. is true many weight loss programs are lies and others are real.
    I used to be very fat and could not play sports or do I like to feel good about myself. A friend recommended this program and really seems made by hand of God ;has given me the best results and have lost much weight, and Best of all is that my body is well formed. My belly disappeared. I leave for you to taste and tell me their results.
    Thank God

  • Matt B.

    We can call this the Stephanie Miller diet.


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