What Every Lonely Guy Needs: A Fake Facebook Girlfriend

By Patrick Morgan | March 29, 2011 11:25 am

Some guys only dream of having a Facebook girlfriend; others are willing to pay a company to create one for them. Soon, lonely dudes with extra cash may feel better about themselves as they interact with a “virtual girlfriend,” convincing their friends that they actually are dating material.

A startup called Cloud Girlfriend plans to provide a service that would post messages on your Facebook wall from a virtual girlfriend (or what they call your “social network girlfriend”). The process is simple: “Step 1: Define your perfect girlfriend. Step 2: We bring her into existence. Step 3: Connect and interact with her publicly on your favorite social network. Step 4: Enjoy a public long distance relationship with your perfect girl.”

Currently the website only allows visitors to provide their emails in order to know when the service actually launches. According to Technology Review’s Christopher Mims, despite having not even started yet, “it’s already experiencing overwhelming demand.”

So what are the benefits of having a virtual girlfriend? According to company co-founder David Fuhriman, having a fake girlfriend may help men get a real one: Women seeing that at least one other woman likes this guy may start thinking that they should too. And as he told Business Insider, he also believes the service can boost self-confidence and fulfill our human need for intimacy (with virtual people, I guess).

Human needs or no, Cloud Girlfriend is setting up shop in a precarious part of town: The service would seem to violate Facebook’s terms of service, which stipulate that only real people, representing themselves truthfully, may have accounts. But Fuhriman says Facebook’s already filled with fakers: “There will always be more profiles of dogs and cats on social networks than there will ever be of Cloud Girlfriends.”

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  • Cathy

    Considering I had 30 separate FB profiles at the height of my Farmville addiction, I see their point.

  • Dan

    What about virtual sex?

  • Daniel

    This is the stupidest idea I have seen in a very long time. Why would I jeopardize my chances of finding a real girlfriend by pretending I’m already taken??? Being one of the “single and actively looking facebook guys” this service is trying to target, I can only shake my head.

  • http://jeremy-miller.ca Jeremy

    Damn, that’s actually a really good idea.

    Not philosophically or anything, I mean purely in a business sense.

    That guy is gonna make some easy cash from this.

  • Joe

    Daniel is missing the fact that women are more attracted to taken guys than single guys. Getting attention from a girl is contageous. I can see this working, but it also doesn’t say a lot for women.

  • Barry Summers-Podesta IV

    So, what happens if two fake-e-girlfriends-online-dot-com get to chatting with each other? Skynet?

  • Cindi

    Joe is missing the fact that only sleezy girls like guys that are taken.
    Girls that are worth dating, don’t even look sideways at someone who is taken.

  • Idlewilde

    I’m a girl, and I can say this is a BAD idea. If you want a girlfriend, don’t act like you already have one. I, for one, have no desire to be ‘teh other gurl’, and get involved with some drama that inevitably ends in a catfight. Of course, there’s some girls who fish for drama like this, who wish their lives were just like tv. That’s who gets attracted to men with girlfriends. Guess which men get bashed all over facebook for being stupid slimeballs when the whole fiasco is over?

  • Alex


  • poll

    Anyone who doesn’t think this will work should read this study first:

  • Jason

    I could actually see this working. I’ve been married for 5 years and would never cheat but it’s amazing what women do around me since they know I’m married. The stories I could tell. They say they find me cute, harmless, and easy to open up to. I should probably be insulted but they practically treat me like another women. A women can smell a single guy a mile away and instantly go on the defensive, so to speak, assuming that maybe he’s just out for sex or there is something wrong with him because he’s single. So with this fake girlfriend you could be at ease with women and they with you. Then when you break up with your fake girlfriend you have women that have already opened up and got to know you without the pressure of thinking you’re out to score. Thats the key. It could help out men that are really good guys but are just awkward around women. Problem is, if this thing becomes popular and everyone knows about it then women won’t believe that your facebook girlfriend is real therefore defeating the purpose.

  • Jenn

    So treating women as replacable objects seems to be very popular among the men here. Yuck.

  • DTL

    Isn’t it going to look incredibly weird if your girlfriend is someone who never interacts with anyone else on the network, just you?

  • Decin

    This idea is so stupid it would work. Its easy cash for them, the guys will pay a bunch of nothing to talk sexy to a computer its an ultimate scam

  • Matt B.

    In my experience, people I don’t already know don’t comment on my wall on Facebook, and it’s impossible to get to know someone I’ve already friended, because everybody posts stories with absolutely no context, so I have no idea what they’re talking about. If the fake girlfriend said anything comprehensible, it would be a dead giveaway.

  • http://Facebook.com Lucy Trebute

    Hey babe u wanna meet up soon

  • Nicola L

    Hahahahaha ive got to say i only heard about this recently and when i did, i pissed my self laughing! This may have something to do with me being easily amused but to me this sounds really sad lol.


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