NCBI ROFL: What do Republicans dream about? (Hint: it's not sex.)

By ncbi rofl | March 30, 2011 7:00 pm

Incidence of having dreamed and conservative political attitudes.

“The association of political attitudes of conservatives and reports of their having had a dream was investigated. 48 female graduate students in counseling psychology were given the KJP Dream Inventory and the Kerlinger Social Attitude Scale II. Scores on conservative political attitudes were positively correlated with having had Dreams of Falling (.40), Dream Discontentedness (.31), Dreams of Being Chased (.40), and Dreams of Being Famous (.30). Negative correlations were observed between scores showing a conservative political tendency and scores on Openness (-.35), and Uninhibitedness (-.50), as well as incidence of Dreams of Sex (-.29). The character of conservative dreaming is discussed along with the study’s relevance to past and subsequent issues in research.”

Photo: flickr/Genista

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  • ben

    tl;dr: republikanz suck HURRRRRRR

    I mean, the study is fascinating, but your tags… I thought science > politics. Guess I was wrong.

  • Cathy

    Your top banner ad is currently Tea Party Patriots. Can’t bring myself to click, sorry. Normally I do, but…

  • Georg

    Does that mean:

    – Consevatives are less potent, or

    – Conservatives have sex, thus no need to dream of?

  • hat_eater

    Conservatives are less likely to report dreaming of things they find embarassing?

  • Idlewilde

    Probably what hat_eater said. A conservative is probably conservative in more than their political views, meaning they wouldn’t want to talk about their sex dreams.


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