NCBI ROFL: So THAT'S why Popeye's bulge was so large.

By ncbi rofl | April 1, 2011 12:00 pm

The effect of spinach on penile tumescence

“Spinach has long been praised for its many beneficial nutrients. Although not as iron-rich as originally reported (a fallacy that has become entrenched in popular culture), recent evidence suggests that the consumption of spinach may increase flow to blood-rich areas, including penile tissue. (more…)

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  • figleaf

    I’m almost always extraordinarily grateful when bloggers can find links to the original sources (often, as in this case, funded with federal grants!) rather than gated/paywall sites where only the abstract is free.

    Thank you, Patrick!


  • Matt B.

    Whoever posted that Muppet video doesn’t know what a blooper is.

  • Mike

    Thats rick astley for you! there might be a vulnerability on the site that allows one to be redirected to somewhere completely irrelevant.

  • Adam


    Maybe the point was to be funny? Take a look at the date it was posted on. Good post :)


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