NCBI ROFL: FECOM: a new artificial stool for evaluating defecation.

By ncbi rofl | April 11, 2011 7:00 pm

“OBJECTIVE: Traditionally, barium paste has been used for performing defecography. Because this substance is not stool-like, barium defecography may not accurately represent defecatory function. Our aim was to prospectively compare the utility of a new artificial stool, “FECOM”–a silicon-filled and barium-coated, deformable device the shape and consistency of which mimicked a normal formed stool with that of barium paste. METHODS: Defecography was performed after placing FECOM or barium paste in a random order in 12 healthy subjects (two men and 10 women). We evaluated the changes in anorectal angle, rectal morphology, rectal sensation, and the subjects’ preference for a “stool-like” device. RESULTS: Anorectal angle at rest, during squeeze, cough, and straining were each greater with the FECOM when compared with the barium paste (p < 0.006). Anterior rectocele (nine), mucosal intussusception (four), and incontinence (three) were identified only with barium defecography. Nine (75%) subjects preferred FECOM to barium paste (p < 0.001) and reported that expulsion of this device mimicked more closely their stools at home (p < 0.05). CONCLUSION: The anorectal angle is influenced by the form and consistency of stool material and is lower with barium paste. The detection of rectocele, mucosal intussusception, and barium leakage in normal subjects during barium defecography questions the significance of these findings. FECOM appears to be a realistic alternative to barium paste for performing defecography.”

Photo: flickr/pagedesign

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