NCBI ROFL: Grad students eating hot wings: now this is science worth doing!

By ncbi rofl | April 26, 2011 7:00 pm

Counting bones: environmental cues that decrease food intake.

“At an all-you-can eat buffet in a sports bar, it was tested whether people would eat less if they knew how much they had already eaten. 50 graduate students (34 women; M age = 24.1 yr.) were seated at 21 tables randomly assigned to be bussed (leftover wings removed) or unbussed (wings left on table). The 31 students at the bussed tables ate more than those at the unbussed tables (7 wings vs. 5.5 wings), with the effect being stronger for men than women. In distracting eating environments, environmental cues may provide an effective means of reducing consumption. Implications for controlling alcohol intake were also noted.”



Photo: flickr/_Fidelio_

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  • Diana

    Eating only 7 wings at a all-you-can-eat is sin! Especially if the grad students didn’t pay for the buffet!

  • Vex

    @1 Diana:

    Couldn’t agree more!! Guess that throws the whole “starving student” stigma out the window!

  • Jim

    Or they were really lousy wings.

  • Selkirk

    Or really really big ones!

  • David

    Or really really hot ones! (while we’re at it, let’s be thorough (fully aware that I’m opening myself up to critique for lack of supplementation :-)


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