NCBI ROFL: Science answers the age-old question: do body piercings make you sluttier?

By ncbi rofl | June 3, 2011 7:00 pm

Frequencies and relations of body piercing and sexual experience in college students.

“This research examined the relation between having a body piercing and having engaged in premarital sexual intercourse. Data were gathered from a convenience sample of 450 college students. 72% were women; 85% were ages 18 to 22 years (M=20.9, SD=4.5), 80% were Euro-American. Women with piercings reported substantively and significantly greater frequency of sexual activity than college students without piercings. There were no significant differences in sexual experience between men with piercings and those without. These findings differ from previous research comparing the sexual activity of college students with and without tattoos.”



Photo: flickr/definiteserenade3

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  • Lab Lemming

    What is the SI unit for sluttiness? The inverse Newton?

  • Brian Too

    Piercings are an effect and not a cause. IMO of course!

  • Vogie

    As Sexiness approaches 0, it does something very strange… It comes back!

    At first I was confused at “80% were Euro-American” then I saw “Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX” and “convenience sample”. Ah-ha.

  • Anna

    Piercings are an effect and not a cause. IMO of course!

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