NCBI ROFL: Bicyclist's vulva: observational study.

By ncbi rofl | June 24, 2011 7:00 pm

“Many chronic injuries related to athletic bicycling are now recognised: cyclist’s nipples,1 neuropathic syndromes,2 and skin problems caused by the saddle. We have seen a new clinical problem in female high level cycling competitors: bicyclist’s vulva. Six women, aged 21-38 years, had a unilateral chronic swelling of the labium majus after a few years of intensive bicycling (an average of 462.5 km per week). All six had typical unilateral lymphoedema (five on the right side, one on the left) which was more severe after more intense and longer training. The position of the bicycle saddle, the type of shorts worn, and the women’s perineal hygiene were optimum. There was no family history of lymphoedema in any of the women, nor any common factor that might explain the lymphoedema.”



Photo: flickr/ richardmasoner

Thanks to Therese M. for today’s ROFL!

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  • Defenske

    Why is this funny?

  • Kneefeds

    Someone used the word ‘vulva’.

  • Cuttlefish


  • duhhh

    i think the joke is the “observational study” part.


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