NCBI ROFL: Comparison of filling agents for lip augmentation.

By ncbi rofl | July 5, 2011 7:00 pm

“The authors discuss various filling agents currently available that can be used to augment the lips, correct perioral rhytides, and enhance overall lip appearance. Fillers are compared and information provided about choosing the appropriate agent based on the needs of each patient to achieve the much coveted “pouty” look while avoiding hypercorrection. The authors posit that the goal for the upper lip is to create a form that harmonizes with the patient’s unique features, taking into account age and ethnicity; the goal for the lower lip is to create bulk, greater prominence, and projection of the vermillion.”

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  • Matt B.

    Why would I want a woman to look like she’s pouting all the time? Maybe she could also pluck her eyebrows and draw them in higher so as to look permanently surprised at how permanently pouty she is.


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