NCBI ROFL: Are male interior designers perceived as homosexual?

By ncbi rofl | July 19, 2011 7:00 pm

College students’ perceptions of sexual orientation and gender given job descriptions and titles for interior decoration, interior design, and architecture.

“To examine perceptions of design professionals, this study was designed to examine possible gender-bias based on job title and description and whether there is a relationship between the two perceptions. A respondent’s sex was significantly related to perceptions of a design professional’s sex. Both respondents’ sex and the perceived sex of the design professional had significant effects on the perceived sexual orientation of the design professionals. Furthermore, the results also indicated that if the design professional was perceived to be male, there was a higher tendency that he would be perceived as homosexual, especially by a male respondent.”

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  • wendy

    How does Christopher Lowell feel about having his pic juxtaposed with this story? LOL…..

  • Vogie

    I personally do for the most part. Ironically, I also personally perceive carpenters as heterosexual. I’m not sure what that says about me & stereotypes. Then again, when I spent a month in Mexico with 16 friends, whenever we went somewhere, they packed us all in one van.

  • Rob

    Of course male carpenters are heterosexual. And, female carpenters, are well, questionable.


  • Mike

    How does Chrisotpher Lowell feel? Nothing short of FABULOUS!!!

  • cheap curtain

    It doesn’t really matter. As long as you love what you do. You will be fine. Interior designing is for everyone!

  • Chris

    If you need a gay male interior designer call me! 😉


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