5 Things You Really Don't Want Hacked

By Veronique Greenwood | August 11, 2011 8:15 am

  • http://whirlingneedles.wordpress.com whirlybird

    If someone offers you an ATMOS for your car, JUST SAY NO.

  • Tiger

    I don’t quite get it. How about some text to go with the photos?

  • Veronique Greenwood

    @Tiger, are you having trouble seeing the text?

  • Bob LaVesh

    Someone hacked my shower to make the water get hotter everytime someone flushes a toilet.

  • feh

    Tiger, a hacker who’s a diabetic himself figured out a way to hack into an insulin pump that uses wireless communication, which then allowed him to, for example, quietly (one wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, the monitor would display normal values) administer larger doses. Look it up. Heart implants etc. that use unencrypted wireless communication are susceptible to the attack as well. Same goes for hospital equipment.

  • Juwie

    @zbird: That is the main problem: Yes – on the motorway, by forcing your car to perform an emergency brake. And it will be your fault, because you cant proove that it as just your car misbehaving.


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