NCBI ROFL: Women's gaydar improves during ovulation.

By ncbi rofl | August 15, 2011 7:00 pm

Mating Interest Improves Women’s Accuracy in Judging Male Sexual Orientation.

“People can accurately infer others’ traits and group memberships across several domains. We examined heterosexual women’s accuracy in judging male sexual orientation across the fertility cycle (Study 1) and found that women’s accuracy was significantly greater the nearer they were to peak ovulation. In contrast, women’s accuracy was not related to their fertility when they judged the sexual orientations of other women (Study 2). Increased sexual interest brought about by the increased likelihood of conception near ovulation may therefore influence women’s sensitivity to male sexual orientation. To test this hypothesis, we manipulated women’s interest in mating using an unobtrusive priming task (Study 3). Women primed with romantic thoughts showed significantly greater accuracy in their categorizations of male sexual orientation (but not female sexual orientation) compared with women who were not primed. The accuracy of judgments of male sexual orientation therefore appears to be influenced by both natural variations in female perceivers’ fertility and experimentally manipulated cognitive frames.”

Photo: flickr/Glenn Loos-Austin

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  • June D. Fowler

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to find out if straight men are more attracted to women who are ovulating? Or did they do that already. Are different pheromones produced?

    Apparently they already know that gay men don’t respond to women’s pheromones while straight men do of course.

  • kayla

    Why would a woman need to know if a man was gay or not. Surely this advantage would be homophobic. A gay mans child is just as valid as a hetties child. Indeed the gay mans child would probably have the advantage as regards intelligence, looks and parental care as gay men have been proven to be the more attentive father.

  • megan

    It’s just plain stupid and unscientific with holes like swisscheese.

  • liz

    Wouldn’t it be important (from an evolutionary standpoint) to know who’s gay when you’re ovulating? That way you’ll “waste” less time / energy flirting with someone who will get you no where as opposed to someone who has a higher chance of fertilizing your eggs?


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