NCBI ROFL: Time crawls when you're not having fun: feeling entitled makes dull tasks drag on.

By ncbi rofl | November 10, 2011 8:32 pm

“All people have to complete dull tasks, but individuals who feel entitled may be more inclined to perceive them as a waste of their “precious” time, resulting in the perception that time drags. This hypothesis was confirmed in three studies. In Study 1, participants with higher trait entitlement (controlling for related variables) thought dull tasks took longer to complete; no link was found for fun tasks. In Study 2, participants exposed to entitled messages thought taking a dull survey was a greater waste of time and took longer to complete. In Study 3, participants subliminally exposed to entitled words thought dull tasks were less interesting, thought they took longer to complete, and walked away faster when leaving the laboratory. Like most resources, time is a resource valued more by entitled individuals. A time-entitlement link provides novel insight into mechanisms underlying self-focus and prosocial dynamics.”

Photo: flickr/greggoconnell

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  • Grace Davidson

    Hmmm…This is a very interesting study. Everyone thinks that time slows down when we’re dragged to do things we don’t actually like. But there are always ways to make dull tasks fun, like inviting company. =)


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