NCBI ROFL: Honesty when lighting votive candles in church: an informal look.

By ncbi rofl | December 1, 2011 7:28 pm

It’s Trinkaus week on NCBI ROFL! All this week, we’ll be featuring articles by John Trinkaus, whose work gives us “an informal look” at many aspects of everyday life. Enjoy!

Honesty when lighting votive candles in church: an informal look.

“An informal enquiry conducted over 6 yr. suggested a decline from 92% to 28% of people paying for lighting votive candles in a large Catholic church.”



Honesty when lighting votive candles in church: another look.

“An informal 3-yr. follow-up enquiry of a prior study suggested that the use of electrical, rather than wax, candles seemingly is not a variable relevant to peoples’ behavior in paying for lighting votive candles in church. Also, the number of people paying apparently continues to decline: now down (from about 30 percent in 2003) to approximately 25 percent.”

Photo: Flickr/ Mr. T in DC

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