NCBI ROFL: Study proves guns make you an a**hole.

By ncbi rofl | January 9, 2012 6:48 pm

“We tested whether interacting with a gun increased testosterone levels and later aggressive behavior. Thirty male college students provided a saliva sample (for testosterone assay), interacted with either a gun or a children’s toy for 15 min, and then provided another saliva sample. Next, subjects added as much hot sauce as they wanted to a cup of water they believed another subject would have to drink. Males who interacted with the gun showed significantly greater increases in testosterone and added more hot sauce to the water than did those who interacted with the children’s toy. Moreover, increases in testosterone partially mediated the effects of interacting with the gun on this aggressive behavior.”

Photo: Flickr/daveparker

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  • Tabique Malévolo Malévolo

    No shit

  • Curious

    Anybody actually read the article?  From the abstract it looks silly.  Let me paraphrase:  “Our study shows that people unfamiliar with firearms get nervous around them.”  How many of the test subjects had at least a basic firearms safety course, or were raised in a house where basic firearms safety was taught?

  • jhertzli

    This is evidence that the Left (the gun-control side) is about to throw Mexicans “under the bus.” They come over here, they take our jobs, they go on welfare, they serve extra-spicy food … It might also be evidence we should be armed against the dreaded invasion from Thailand.

    This could be the start of a new series of violations of civil liberties. They’ll start with mandatory registration of horseradish and then work down to confiscating paprika. By the time they start compulsory anti-garlic propaganda campaigns in elementary schools it
    will be too late.

    There will, of course, be black-market spices, but we can expect the dealers to cut them with bland substances. We can also expect to find increased police corruption from this Prohibition. When spices are outlawed, only outlaws will have tasty food.

    • Lilitu

      I can only lol

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps it isn’t so much testosterone as gun’s lubricating oil makes one crave spicy food.

    It is true that Texas has lax gun laws compared with most of the country- and they also like chili and spicy foods.

    Something in the gun’s lubricating oils must make one crave chipotle or stuffed peppers…  ooooh I could do with a nice hot chili right now just from reading this article.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe needle dick occutards need more testosterone

  • Jordan

    This one of the mort absurd things I have ever read. Come on Discover you guys are better then this.

  • Sdfasdf

    Fuck em. They can suck a cock

  • Sdfasdf

    That Study is stupid. Fuck that study.

  • Anonymous

    Show a guy a naked pic of Pam Anderson, test his saliva, then show a pic of Rosie O’Donnell and test again. I just proved your testosterone theory and aggressive behavior.

  • Jay Dee

    It was not a gun. A BB gun that looked like a Desert Eagle. About all that will do is get you shot by the cops or shoot out your eye. Maybe they were all disappointed at this fact,got pissed off, and decided to be tools to the drinker of the hot sauce to get back at the researchers. Should have been a sword and a broomhandle. Or a real gun (pull the firing pin if you are squishy) and the bb gun.

  • Kyle

    My study shows if you jack off enough, you’r palms will get hairy…
    can I have the last 45 seconds of my life back please?

  • Josh Duke

    Man, if the Founding Assholes were around to hear this today….

  • Torbjörn Larsson

    NCBI ROFL: Study proves studies make you an a**hole. Apparently guns aren’t the only way to get a rise out of people.

  • MattK

    My favourite part is how the gun fans in the comments are so obliging in recapitulating the study results.


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