NCBI ROFL: [Ring ring] … Hello? … Hi! Are you a lesbian?

By ncbi rofl | January 17, 2012 6:34 pm

A brief telephone interview to identify lesbian and bisexual women in random digit dialing sampling.

“Lesbian health research has most often relied on nonprobability samples that are biased and restrict generalizability. Random sampling could reduce bias, but requires development of a method for fast and reliable screening of a large number of women. We tested the feasibility of using a brief telephone interview to assess sexual attraction, behavior, and identity. Using Random Digit Dialing in a neighborhood of Boston with a high density of lesbian residents, we interviewed 202 women aged 18 to 59. Of the respondents, 33% reported some sexual attraction to other women, 20% reported sex with women since age 18, and 14% identified as a lesbian. The high level of cooperation with the study among eligible women (94%) and the high proportion of women who disclosed homosexual attraction, behavior, or identity show that it is feasible to use a brief screening questionnaire about sexuality of women over the telephone even without building special rapport with the respondents.”

Photo: Flickr/MacKinnon Photography

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  • Anonymous

    I suspect if they tried the similar thing with men in the South there would be a lot yelling and death threats.

  • H Davis79

    No Wikipedia today.  Have to try something to keep me entertained.


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