NCBI ROFL: Superbowl special: 5 funny football-related studies!

By ncbi rofl | February 6, 2012 7:00 pm

1. Sports fans who tailgate are more likely to get drunk.
 “Our findings suggest that a significant number of attendees at professional sporting events may have elevated BAC levels, particularly young adults and those who participated in tailgating activities. ”

2. Sport fan identification in obituaries.
“To assess whether sport involvement, particularly as a fan, is central enough to one’s self-concept to be mentioned in obituary content, it was hypothesized that a greater proportion of men’s obituaries than women’s would mention the deceased individual’s sport fan identification.”

3. Choose wisely, rooting for the winning team DOES make you more manly.
“In both studies, mean testosterone level increased in the fans of winning teams and decreased in the fans of losing teams. These findings suggest that watching one’s heroes win or lose has physiological consequences that extend beyond changes in mood and self-esteem.”

4. The “Fan Can”: innocent football fan fun, or menace to sober society?
“Participants were exposed to images of beer in either a standard can or a can featuring the colors of their university (i.e., ‘fan cans’). We hypothesized that exposure to fan cans would change perceptions of the risks of beer drinking.”

5. Catching of balls unexpectedly thrown or fired by cannon.
“Responses of unwitting participants to balls unexpectedly thrown by an experimenter (n=10) or propelled by a hidden ball cannon (n=22) were recorded by motion capture.”

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    Wouldn’t it be great if we could spend our time researching things like “Do winning superbowl fans get drunker than losing superbowl fans?”  or “Which pets like watching football better, Cats or Dogs?”


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