Separated at the Cloning Lab: Vint Cerf and Sigmund Freud

By Amos Zeeberg (Discover Web Editor) | February 17, 2012 4:18 pm

One is a father of the Internet. The other is the father of psychoanalysis. They both rocked shiny-bald heads, classy three-piece gray suits, and full, lovingly manicured, white-gray beards. They were born nearly a century apart, but the similarities are simply too striking to overlook.

Clearly, Sigmund Freud and Vint Cerf were created in a cloning lab, in what may well have been an experiment run by the Nobel-bestowing Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to create super-smart scientists with a penchant for fine haberdashery. Is it not obvious to everyone upon looking at photographic evidence?

If you have any leads about other scientists, engineers, or doctors who were separated in the cloning lab, let us know in the comments, @DiscoverMag, or at azeeberg <at> discovermagazine <dot> com.

  • BetteRose

    Funny.  I was just going to write a short, short story about all our super athletes in a similar vein.

  • Catgirl021597

    This can’t exactly be proven. They’re just two pictures of people who look alike. Is this (your article) a proven fact? I do not believe it to be, because you have no proof; needing DNA from both contenders. I do admit that they’re similarities are uncanny, but what you call “Photographic Evidence” is, in fact, not evidence at all. I apologize for bashing on your article, but you would need proof to say these two people are cloned.


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