NCBI ROFL: Nifty ways to leave your lover: The tactics people use to entice and disguise the process of human mate poaching.

By ncbi rofl | March 16, 2012 7:00 pm

“Although a number of studies have explored the ways that men and women romantically attract mates, almost no research exists on the special tactics people use when already in a relationship and trying to attract someone new–a process known as mate poaching enticement. In Study 1, the authors investigated the tactics people use to entice others into making mate poaching attempts. Enticement tactic effectiveness conformed to evolutionary-predicted patterns across sex and temporal context. In Study 2, the authors examined the tactics men and women use to disguise mate poaching enticement. The most effective camouflage for poaching also varied between sex in evolutionary-predicted ways, regardless of the target of deception (i.e., current partner vs. larger community). Discussion focuses on limitations of this research, future investigative directions, unexpected findings, and the utility of placing mate poaching attraction within the broader context of human sexual strategies.”

Bonus table from the full text:

Photo: flickr/denharsh

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  • KM

    How does she “get him drunk”? Force feed him alcohol in a dropper? I think the author(s) cannot think outside of their own (male) mental boxes.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, thats some pretty crazy stuff dude, I mean like seriously?

  • 108315568

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  • Mustafa Kemal

    Most men don’t need to be forced to drink alcohol.  If she’s paying he’s probably going to drink.

  • Marcus Keilch

    yup, that happenned to me!

  • Danny Angel

    Can’t believe I wasted my time. This study doesn’t equalize both sexes concerning who taking lead? Really…what is the point?


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