NCBI ROFL: The benefits of having a crazy coworker.

By ncbi rofl | September 13, 2012 7:00 pm

Every cloud has a silver lining: positive effects of deviant coworkers.

“Drawing on the labeling perspective of deviance, we investigate employee reactions to coworkers perceived as deviants. We look at two positive effects for employees in the presence of a deviant coworker. First, in comparison to a deviant individual, other employees can draw more positive conclusions about themselves; and second, a deviant can be informative about organizational norms, thereby improving employee role clarity. We also examine individual and situational moderators. For the purpose of the study, we developed a measure of the presence of a deviant. The hypothesized relationships were tested in two large samples using multiple regression analyses. The results revealed that in the presence of a deviant coworker, employees reported enhanced self-evaluation. The presence of a deviant coworker was associated with better role clarity only for employees with more interdependent jobs. We also discuss practical implications of the findings and future research directions.”

Photo: flickr/banspy

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  • Skadhi_the_Raverner

    Personality variation exists for a reason, nothing new here.

  • Polleetickle of twttr

    I bemoan a world dependent upon deviants for reliable ‘blue-sky-thinking’.


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