NCBI ROFL: What does the Tea Party movement have to do with anal eroticism?

By ncbi rofl | September 27, 2012 7:03 pm

The psychohistorical roots of the American “Tea Party” Movement.

“Extreme resistance to governmental taxation and authority is derived, according to Freud’s theory of anal characterology, from premature and harshly coercive toilet training, in which a child is forced unfairly and against its will to surrender the products of his eliminations (which represent money, among other things, in the unconscious) to parental authority. Among these individuals anal eroticism plays a significant role in the psychogenesis of paranoia and conspiracy theorizing, which may represent a defense mechanism erected against repressed fears of passive submission.”

Thanks to John for today’s ROFL!

Photo: flickr/Fibonacci Blue

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  • lolvincitomnia

    Actually, what this reveals is the absolutely hilarious desperation of the already so obviously anally fixated left, their small minds leap so readily to grasp at the only things they are capable of. Dwelling on anal sex & poop jokes. Tell us do, is all that student loan debt Obama’s not really going to help you with, was it worth it, given the poor outcome? lol!

    • David Roberts


      • Anonymous

        This just keeps getting more effective every time I do it. I’m probably throwing my keyboard away tonight. Meh…. good riddance.

    • David Roberts

      lol indeed. there are plenty of affordable adult education programs to help you with that writing

  • TomInAK

    I wonder if tax dollars were used to pay for this “study”.

  • Spear3

    Seriously? I hope this wasn’t government funded. I’d hate to know I was paying for this crap “science” a well.

  • magmonster2002

    I’m glad to see that the American psychoanalytical “sciences” have finally caught up with the Soviet Union in terms of characterizing political dissidents as mentally dysfunctional.

    • David Roberts
      • Anonymous

        Hey, that is fun… and so much easier than bothering with the effort needed to make an intelligent point.

    • Anonymous

      Solid win.

  • Anonymous

    Freud also wrote a lot about “projection”. You guys should read up on it.

  • dennymack

    Using Freud for an “argument from authority” in psychology is like using Aristotle to “debunk” the periodic chart.

  • Lee Reynolds

    Modern psychologists see Freud as an historical figure. His theories and ideas are no longer accepted as having much in the way of validity, though he is obviously credited for his role as a partial progenitor of the field.

    For someone to trot out one of Freud’s more dubious notions and apply it to an entire political movement goes far beyond mere dishonesty and treads well into the realm of unconscious self satire. That someone would pull this stunt tells us nothing about the Tea Party, but it speaks volumes about the character and competence of that individual.

    This is what happens when someone clings to bad ideas in the face of good ones. Unable to adequately argue or refute the ideas they despise, they retreat into name calling, misrepresentation, and sophistries such as this.

    The thing about bad people is that they can always be known by how quickly they are willing to lie.

    • טימותי נץ

      It shows that the person who wrote this analysis is stuck in Hollywood’s ideal of psychology… which is firmly rooted in the ideal psychology of Freud. It’s no surprise at all.

  • foolish

    LOL – this cannot be serious
    wait… it maybe… Occupy Wall Street.

  • BulletPeople(videos)

    Since you brought up psychology and politics, take a look at how public university funded a study that inadvertently showed that academics, media distort study results to bash conservatives. At

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. Lefty tools keepin’ it classy as ever… If you find this pitiful display of adolescence amusing, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait until the jilted clown-king gets drop-kicked back to Chicago this November. The frothing hysterics that follow will make pathetic blog taunts like this seem like enlightened discourse. Keep the fresh popcorn handy folks!

    • David Roberts

      • Anonymous

        I think I’m sold on your strategy bud. Who’s got time for words and facts and making a point or sense or integrity or fairness? Screw all that noise. Just show some pics of crazy people… pure genius.

    • David Roberts

      Agree! Can’t wait until the day that Mitt Romney bec… Wait, what? Mitt Romney is behind in every major poll? He’s being beaten badly in Florida and Ohio??? He said WHAT about half the people in the country???? Well fuck, guess there’s always 2016. Go Chris Christie!!!!!

      • Brian Sprague

        In both of the states you mentioned, his lead is within 1 percentage point of the amount of Democrat oversampling. Go figure.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, believe them polls David. They are clearly a comfort to the addled. Carter was sitting pretty from a poll perspective at about this same point in 1980.

        And as for posting pics of fringe lunatics as (I assume) being somehow representative of conservatives, you’re just dull enough to believe polls that over-sample Democrats by anywhere from 6 to 11 points are something to cling to.

        Visit a OWS or Code Pink rally sometime as well. The perspective you’ll gain on fringe lunatics is badly needed. Not to mention you’ll have some really cool pics to add to your freak collection that make these people you’ve posted look well-adjusted.

        • Finrod Felagund

          It was at OWS rallies where people were literally taking dumps on cop cars, not at Tea Party rallies.

        • David Roberts

          i’d be trolling you just as hard if you were a groupthink democrat instead of a groupthink republican roffle

          • Anonymous

            Color me skeptical David. There’s just far too many Soros-paid trolls peppering the blogosphere these days with that “I’m above all the partisanship” bullshit line (followed by some boiler template DNC talking point) for your claim to be very credible. If you can point me to an example or two of where you’ve “trolled hard the Democrat groupthink” in the fever swamps of the left, I’ll happily retract.

            What’s a roffle?

          • David Roberts

            Find me on facebook. David Roberts in Bellefonte, Pa. My friends would tell you that I post way too much about the current administration suspending habeas corpus and prosecuting whistleblowers as spies. I will not be voting for Barak Obama.

            This position however does not preclude me, somewhat ironically, from taking joy in the total and utter failure of Mitt Romney’s candidacy. He is, without a doubt, the worst presidential candidate of my politically conscious lifetime. He’s going to lose when the current president’s record is scarred by a horrible economy. Obama was at 42% approval rating when the campaign started. He’s now at 51% because he gets to stand next to Mitt Romney and say “Hey, at least I’m not this guy. Right?”

            The point is that get the policy and policy makers that we demand. For the last 10 years we have been too focused on perceived slights and pedantic arguments on the most inane topics possible; while, each successive executive term, more of our rights and access to free information are being taken away. Barak Obama isn’t being held accountable because democrats are scared of Mitt Romney. GWB wasn’t held accountable for his disaster of a first term because he rallied conservatives juuuuuust enough to win a second term and continue to shit on conservative economic values and constitutional rights.

            That’s just me. Anybody who doesn’t care that the Federal Government now has legal right to INDEFINITELY DETAIN AMERICAN CITIZENS can go back to being angry about some academian’s paper.

          • Anonymous

            I couldn’t find your profile but it’s cool. I’ll take you at your word and withdraw my skepticism. If you’re at least awake enough to understand how dangerous the assault has been on our personal liberty in this country and willing to call people out on it regardless of ideology, that places you head and shoulders above millions of completely clueless people in this country.

            One last thing from me though and I’m saying this in good faith and not meant as an insult. You sound sincere and passionate about your beliefs; great. But your comment on Romney being “the worst presidential candidate” of your politically conscious lifetime really made me chuckle in light of your comment regarding group-think.

            Romney was never my first pick to take on Obama as contender for next President, but your view of Romney isn’t just influenced by group-think; you’d have to be drowning in group-think to believe that. On what rational basis is Romney a worse presidential candidate than Obama, McCain, Kerry, Gore, George W., Dole, or Clinton? And Romney’s not just worse than all those other candidates, but so bad in comparison there isn’t even a shred of doubt in your mind of his awfulness?

            That sounds delusional David. That, or like something a troll would say for two reasons. First, it buttresses the view of Romney as “bad, evil man” in the mind of the clueless masses who’ve been taught that through repetition on a nearly daily basis for months now. Second reason is, of course, the funnest part; stirring the shit for people who know they’re being spun.

          • David Roberts

            I don’t mean evil, I mean ineffective. I do think that that’s indisputable. But, perhaps we agree to disagree.

          • David Roberts

            Dole is arguable. He was 20 years past his prime. Perhaps I’m giving him too much of a pass because I did respect him as a statesman.

            I would argue that Romney is a worse candidate than McCain; because, even though McCain got smoked, he had the unfortunate handicap of running as the same party as a VERY unpopular exiting president.

            Kerry was bad, he definitely lost a winnable election to a president with question marks due to not being a strong enough candidate to define himself.

            The reason I say that Mitt is worse than Kerry is that this should have been a winnable election. Barak Obama is a really good candidate (not his policies, his political abilities). But he has > 8% unemployment, championed a health care plan that makes more than half the country VERY upset, and a base that is, at the very least, uncomfortable with his disrespect for the rule of law. Simultaneously, Mitt Romeny is a successful and seemingly honorable man. But, he’s being painted as a wealthy, out of touch, heartless android. Like Kerry, he’s not a strong enough candidate to stop the narrative. Unlike Kerry, he is seemingly not going to keep this election close. He will not be within 50 electoral votes unless Barak Obama fumbles (not looking good given the man’s political deft).

            The good candidates (Ronald Regan, Bill Clinton, GWB, Barak Obama) are capable of spinning their own narrative. The weak candidates get narratives spun about them. Mitt Romney is the most caricatured candidate since i’ve been following politics. Probably, Michael Dukakis was worse. I can’t really say for certain as I was 6 when dude was around.

        • David Roberts

          are you herman cain?

          • Anonymous

            No, sadly I’m not a fabulously successful and wealthy black business man. Just a working class white dude with enough time between actual work-related interruptions to torture myself on political comment threads.

      • thorgodofthenorth

        I suppose you were following the Wisconsin polls when they should Governor Walker losing by 7. Polls are currently the tools of the MSM and Libtards. The real poll is early in November.

      • Guest

        haha ok romney’s going to win. you’ve convinced me

      • David Roberts

        democratic sampling! margin of error! you guys really brought the analytics lol

  • Anonymous

    Conversely, every liberal you’ll ever meet seems to have something up his ass. So now we learn, they want it up there. And not just the gay men either. It also explains the “Thank you, sir, may I have another?” attitude they have adopted toward Obama and big government.

  • Anonymous

    Glad you libs think we are funny. Except, of course, here’s one person who is not laughing.

    • David Roberts

      why so serious?

      • jhertzli

        Wait a moment … That one makes sense.

  • egoist

    Maybe they’re onto something. My dad routinely said: cut the shit; shit or get off the pot…

  • Michela

    This was ripped off from the Onion, right?

  • John Doiron

    What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Mark Tinder

    So, the “product” of my “elimination” “represents money?” Only to an egg-head “intellectual.” Orwell was right: “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”

  • Barack Obama, Chef de Cuisine

    Don’t mention the Tea Party’s anal fixation, lest ye rouse the butthurt. It’s crazy hats, then crazy policies, then butts all the way down.

  • Laka

    Why is the writer so concerned with speculating on other people’s sexual interests, especially one so associated with gay men? Sounds like homophobia to me! Or, on the other hand, perhaps the article is intended to shame and ridicule people for a particularly gay practice. Why is he allowed to spread hatred like this? Moreover, why does that journal publish a hatred-promoting article?

  • Anonymous

    This article isn’t even bad enough for an IgNobel award.

  • Snarkspeare

    It’s great to see so many right-wingers screaming in the comments here. Methinks they doth protest too much.

    • jhertzli

      We’re trying to tie you to an obsolete theory.

      Did it work?

  • RebeccaH

    Freud?!? For God’s sake, it’s the 21st frickin’ century!

  • bfs

    A favorite tactic, when one is at a loss to explain behavior, is to label it. The tactic often stops inquiry into the real “causes” of behavior. The use of “anal character” in this case reminds me of the name-calling I saw on the playground during my early elementary school days.

  • jhertzli

    I’m glad to see you’re taking this with the seriousness it deserves.

    BTW, I thought obedience to authority was the hallmark of anal fixation.

  • Anonymous

    Freudianism, along with Marxism aka “Scientific Socialism”, and “Climate Change”, are favorites with the so-called science loving left. Yet all are pseudo-sciences, as they “explain” everything, but can predict nothing.

    p.s. When was the last time anyone heard anything about Freud, anyway. Wasn’t back in the 1980’s, in (snork!) “Psychology” magazine???


  • Anonymous

    Can someone direct me to the page where I can view my Discover card balance? This website is confusing!

  • Gareth Andrews

    So now we’re being asked to associate money with waste products? How convenient–the Government will relieve us of our burdens.

  • Syttende Mai

    “Discover” The US Bolshevik media running around freaking out that they might just lose this election.

  • Anonymous

    French scientists have produced a paper clearly showing that the USA has dumbest voters in the entire galaxy. The average Obama supporter is roughly 1% smarter than a creationist. Still dumber than 95% of Europeans.


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