NCBI ROFL: Large penises and an evolutionary theory of vaginal orgasm.

By ncbi rofl | October 12, 2012 7:00 pm

Women Who Prefer Longer Penises Are More Likely to Have Vaginal Orgasms (but Not Clitoral Orgasms): Implications for an Evolutionary Theory of Vaginal Orgasm.

“Introduction.  Research indicates that (i) women’s orgasm during penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI) is influenced by fitness-related male partner characteristics, (ii) penis size is important for many women, and (iii) preference for a longer penis is associated with greater vaginal orgasm consistency (triggered by PVI without concurrent clitoral masturbation). Aims.  To test the hypothesis that vaginal orgasm frequency is associated with women’s reporting that a longer than average penis is more likely to provoke their PVI orgasm. Method.  Three hundred twenty-three women reported in an online survey their past month frequency of various sexual behaviors (including PVI, vaginal orgasm, and clitoral orgasm), the effects of a longer than average penis on likelihood of orgasm from PVI, and the importance they attributed to PVI and to noncoital sex. Main Outcome Measures.  Univariate analyses of covariance with dependent variables being frequencies of various sexual behaviors and types of orgasm and with independent variable being women reporting vs. not reporting that a longer than average penis is important for their orgasm from PVI. Results.  Likelihood of orgasm with a longer penis was related to greater vaginal orgasm frequency but unrelated to frequencies of other sexual behaviors, including clitoral orgasm. In binary logistic regression, likelihood of orgasm with a longer penis was related to greater importance attributed to PVI and lesser importance attributed to noncoital sex. Conclusions.  Women who prefer deeper penile-vaginal stimulation are more likely to have vaginal orgasm, consistent with vaginal orgasm evolving as part of a female mate choice system favoring somewhat larger than average penises. Future research could extend the findings by overcoming limitations related to more precise measurement of penis length (to the pubis and pressed close to the pubic bone) and girth, and large representative samples. Future experimental research might assess to what extent different penis sizes influence women’s satisfaction and likelihood of vaginal orgasm.”

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  • EvoPsych

    It makes sense (unlike political correctness).

  • DumboPsych

    It does not make sense. It would make sense if vaginal orgasm were correlated with penis *girth*, as that affects pressure on the g-spot. This is why women who prefer large penises are referring to girth, not length. That the authors focused only on length and not girth suggests that they don’t know shit about their subject area.

  • lucky

    They most certainly do and once you have come with a vaginal orgasm you will understand. There is no reason to mess with the clit. It is such a stronger orgasm to come vaginally. Sorry short, fat ones don’t do it.

  • Lucky2

    There is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm.

    • E

      Maybe not for you. That’s a very general, sweeping statement to make. Just because you’ve never had one doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! I’ve had clitoral, vaginal, and anal orgasms before, so speak for yourself.

  • Lucky

    There most certainly is; there are clitoral or vaginal. Sorry you haven’t experienced a vaginal. Much more intense than clitoral and the article is right, once you have you could care less about clitoral stimulation. I know that men wish to deny that size matters but for a vaginal organism a longer penis is needed. Sorry for all those that aren’t the lucky.

  • Lucky2

    keep dreamin’, Lucky.

  • Lucky

    Don’t be bitter Lucky2, either you are man with a small, short penis or a woman who hasn’t ever had a vaginal orgasm. Instead of being bitter, work with what you have. If a man, date women who don’t care to orgasm or if you are a woman work to better get to know your body. I hate to see you go through life this bitter.

  • megan

    The 2 Lucky idiots are just that. Ignorant women unattuned to their bodies. EITHER method of having or initiating and orgasm can happen and be GREAT. Also, long or short penises don’t matter if either party is useless in bed and how they perform. Large dicked men only know how to please themselves and a woman who says only a long dick brings pleasure is sad as she can’t isolate or enjoy ALL of the pleasure points of her vagina. HER CLIT EXTENDS BACK INTO HER VAGINA UTERUS just like a man’s penis to his prostate. Why het & gay men enjoy anal stimulation. Both regions stimulation the whole nerve/muscle/sponge network of a person’s groin. Many shorter penis men are more vigorous and multiorgasmic and stimulate women to G-spot and clit orgasms as much or more than big dicked men, who only fuck and fall asleep.

    • megan

      I shouldn’t say large penised men only know one way of having sex but many men of any size only focus on their pleasure and orgasm goal and assume a women is enjoying the same without helping her along or focusing on her arousal too. For a large penis to be received for many women they need ALOT of foreplay and early orgasm to loosen, lubricate and increase the flex of her vaginal wall. I know from experience the small guys were more into pleasing me and could orgasm more than once to keep me happy, while even caring bigger penised dates couldn’t continues past their first and final orgasm nor stay hard for long. That’s why Tantric sexual yoga and groin muscle control and breathing are important for men wanting sexual pleasure with women and give than just take. It BLOOD amount into the area. It takes alot of blood/pressure to maintain male and female sexual arousal and large penis males dump a pint or more and once done ejaculating are spent whereas smaller men can keep up the pressure and sensitivity to their penis for longer as either sex has the SAME # of nerve cells in the groin region and why women and small penis men can get sexually excited immediatel;y while it takes a LONGTIME and stimulation to get very large males engorged and turned on. I’ve watched too many straight and gay masturbation porn= my live research outside my personal sex life.


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