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NCBI ROFL: And… we’re back! With humping hamsters!

By ncbi rofl | November 30, 2012 12:00 pm

Characteristics of the motor and genital copulatory responses of the male hamster.

“The temporal and dynamic characteristics (duration, frequency, rhythmicity, and vigor) of pelvic thrusting displayed by 17 male golden hamsters during their copulatory behavioral responses: mounts, intromissions, ejaculations, and long intromissions, as well as their temporal correlation with the genital contacts established by intravaginal penile insertion, were studied by an accelerometric and polygraphic technique. Read More

NCBI ROFL: Explore our archives!

By ncbi rofl | November 2, 2012 7:00 pm

Message from the gals of NCBI ROFL: One of us will be reproducing imminently, so NCBI ROFL will be on hiatus for a short while. In the meantime, please procrastinate by exploring our archives, containing over 900 ROFL-worthy posts!

NCBI ROFL categories:

analysis taken too far – things that probably didn’t need to be studied
batman! – an accidental category that became about bats and superheroes!
duh – obvious studies are obvious
eat me – mostly refers to food
ethanol – boozin’ it up…for science!
feelings shmeelings – psychology studies are funny
fun with animals – mostly dogs! in pants!
ha ha poop – if you like reading about the various things people stick up their butts, click here
health issues I wish I didn’t know about – see above
holy correlation – another accidental category that became about when science meets religion! lol!
holy correlation batman! – correlation may not equal causation, but who cares!
how is babby formed? – how girl get pragnent?
old-skool – PubMed goes back to the 40’s and 50’s, and they did some crazy science back then
penis friday – we dedicated one day a week to penis- (and sometimes vagina-) related science. You’re welcome, Discover Magazine!
playing with balls – mostly refers to sports
rated G – SFW and cute studies about kittens and sh*t like that
reinforcing stereotypes – no-one said science has to be politically correct!
ridiculous titles – sometimes scientists have no self control
science or human rights violation? – some studies are just plain wrong
scientist…or perv? – lots of studies about boobs
smell you later – some research just stinks… or at least it’s subject matter does
super powers – science of awesome-ness!
teh interwebs – science of the computer tubes
told you so – turns out that some of those “old-wives tales” are true!
Why Medical Hypotheses should not be a journal – less relevant now that it’s peer-reviewed :/
WTF? – self-explanatory

Theme weeks:
BMJ week
Charlton Week
domo arigato
election week
halloween week
those crazy canucks
trinkaus week
valentine’s day week

NCBI ROFL: Umpires need sports medicine too, you know!

By ncbi rofl | November 1, 2012 7:00 pm

Caring for umpires, officials, and referees.

“Umpires, referees, and sports officials have not been accorded the same attention as athletes by the sports medicine community. The physical and psychological demands of their jobs expose them to a unique constellation of medical, psychological, and orthopedic problems. Read More

CATEGORIZED UNDER: NCBI ROFL, playing with balls, rated G

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