NCBI ROFL: Study proves masturbation leads to weight loss.

By ncbi rofl | April 1, 2013 10:00 am

Photo: flickr/krossbow

Daily masturbatory activity associated with long-term weight reduction.

“Obesity is a growing cause of mortality worldwide. High cortisol levels are associated with weight gain, and previous studies indicate that sexual activity induces hormonal responses that can reduce cortisol levels in healthy adults. Furthermore, pleasurable activities, such as orgasm, have been proven to reduce caloric intake. Here, we test the hypothesis that masturbation, or firsthand autonomous pleasure (FAP), when performed on a daily basis, can directly lead to weight loss. Read More >>

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  • Timothy Holm

    April Fool’s?

  • Conundrum

    Considering where ‘read more’ takes you…. I am disappoint.

  • Lewis Boucher

    I’m digging the Ypsilanti water-tower in the image. I lived less than a block away from that thing for four years while I was doing my undergrad at EMU. They say that when somebody finally graduates from EMU as a virgin the water tower will crumble. It’s been 140 years since they built it and that thing is still standing so I guess that means EMU students are still doing their best to fend off the curse 😉

  • Spawn of Santa

    Study is wrong.

  • Sean Bailey

    I’ve been had!

  • bhinson

    WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT to find this is an April Fool’s Joke!

  • Mamato Marcello

    I was excited… then….


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