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Black Box Bot Soaks Up Heat, Then Follows You Around and Keeps You Warm

By Valerie Ross | February 7, 2012 12:26 pm

When it gets cold out, staying warm usually means either cranking up the heat—and, thus, the heating bill—or piling on the sweaters and straying from the radiator’s immediate vicinity only when absolutely necessary. But your days of dashing between warm spots, or paying extra for the privilege of not, may soon be at an end. A new robot can keep you warm by saving up the heat you’ve already got until you need it.

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Fridge of the Future Predicts We Will Be Lazy

By Jennifer Welsh | December 28, 2010 1:07 pm

Future forecast: laziness ahead. Appliance designers are trying to make even eating and cooking as fool- and work-proof as possible.

The fridge of the future they are designing can do it all: order food, plan your recipes, and even count your calories.

This future-is-now technology is being created by a team of researchers at University of Central Lancashire (that’s in England, in case your fridge hasn’t told you) working with grocery delivery company Ocado. The fridge will automatically scan its contents and order groceries accordingly. It can even plan recipes around the fridge contents, designer Simon Sommerville told the Daily Mail:
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