Dad Tracks Daughter’s Walk to School Via Drone

By Carl Engelking | April 23, 2015 3:43 pm

(Credit: Screengrab from WVLT Local 8)

A helicopter parent is a figurative term used to describe a parent who is so wrapped up in their children’s lives, they seem to hover over their existence like a helicopter.

Well, one man from Tennessee may have become the world’s first literal helicopter parent after following his daughter to school with a drone.

This man either deserves the “Dad of the Year” award, or he was just looking for an excuse to tinker with his DJI Phantom. Either way, his 8-year-old daughter Katie wanted to test the waters of independence by walking to school alone one day. But instead of letting her venture out into the wide world totally solo, her father kept tabs on her from above with a drone.

“It was something kind of fun to do, just to let her know I’m watching her,” Early told WVLT Local 8. “But it’s not something I’m going to do every day.”

Early’s video has certainly garnered a lot of attention on the Internet. TIME even went so far as to call him the “world’s most embarrassing dad.” But although her classmates are seen on film pointing at the drone, there’s no indication that Katie was red-faced with embarrassment.

From what daddy told WVLT Local 8, he’s not going to make this a daily routine — just a little fun. However, we’ll see what he says when Katie heads off to college, or — heaven forbid — starts dating.

  • nik

    I used to ‘hover’ [out of sight], so my kids got to enjoy the feeling of independence, but I made sure that they were safe, as we were in a big city.
    One of the few times I felt confident to let them roam freely in a strange place, was at a big Biker rally organised by Hells Angels in the UK, surprising as it may seem.

  • DrNomad

    and what is he going to do if someone try to kidnap her? Kamakazi?

    • Mike Richardson

      A fast moving object with four sharp spinning blades diving at you? I think that might be a pretty good deterrent. Or hang a charged stun gun on the undercarriage.

  • Lakshman Abeykoon

    This child is really lucky to have a caring parent like him. That is called fathers feelings for their children. Only real parents feel it.

  • Scott Keith

    Thanks for showing the entire world your daughter’s path to school. Nobody could conceivably use this information against you. Dumbass.

    • Darren Isaac Gove

      lol paranoid much?



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