This Might Be The Fastest Quadcopter You’ve Ever Seen

By Carl Engelking | May 1, 2015 11:07 am
(Screengrab from quadmovr/YouTube)

(Screengrab from quadmovr/YouTube)

It’s a bird.

It’s a plane.

It’s Superdrone.

Seriously, don’t blink when you watch this video, because the Quadmovr is one of the fastest, most nimble drones you’ll ever see. The pilot, who goes by the Internet alias “Warthox,” clearly knows what he’s doing as well.

The drone seems to defy physics as it gains altitude impossibly fast and stops on a dime. And in the hands of a skillful pilot, it’s poetry in mid-air.

It even sounds like a Formula One car.

But you can’t just waltz into your hobby store to get your hands on the Quadmovr. Warthox custom-built the lightning-fast drone for about $673 in parts purchased from the drone DIY supplier Flyduino, according to And you can’t by Warthox’s piloting skills anywhere.

Apparently, he’s built drones that can reach speeds of 86 miles per hour, but it’s not clear how fast the drone is moving in this video.

Warthox doesn’t make the claim that his quadcopter is the fastest in the world, but a company called Warpquad does. You can visit their website to see what these speedy quadcopters look like up close, or even build one yourself. Check out the Warpquad — piloted by Warthox — in action below, and tell us which is faster.

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  • Jason Allen

    Very cool.. Won’t be long before the military has a larger, faster, weaponized version that will change air combat forever. No manned aircraft would stand a chance.

  • outpost

    This should be designed as a manned “drone” with it’s flights characteristics it would be nearly impossible to hit, and piloting it would be similar to a flying saucer. Imagine a flight of 6 coming at you from all angles, each firing weapons. The use of lazers on them could blind troops without killing them, and set so the blindness is temporary. This will change War fare as it’s fought today. Attached speakers could deny an area with high pitched shrieking ear piercing sounds.

    • The Cleaner

      No human could withstand the G-forces of that thing full sized

      • Scott Watkins

        That’s the understatement of the year!

  • Avgvstvs

    I need to know the range at full burn..

    • Charles Jackson Klein

      If I’ve identified the motor correctly, ~180s at 100%.

  • Joshua

    Love the exposure that Drones are getting! I race FPV pretty much every weekend. I’m not saying I’m good at it, but it’s such a blast! I currently have the ImmersionRC Vortex and have no complaints, it is fast, and very versatile!

  • JohnJackson

    The best quadcopter is not as loud as the earlier radio-controlled versions, it is definitely not as big like a paraglider along with an individual aviator. However, in the unfavorable line a drone can perform stuff the others cannot handle, such as fly several feet far from people as well as take photos. I own a popular DJI Phantom drone that I rammed into my next door neighbor’s yard because of my very own inexperience and incompetence.

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