Donny the Drone Desires World Domination…For Its Own Good

By Lauren Sigfusson | December 27, 2017 11:11 am

In a sci-fi short film, this drone was named Person of the Year. Hey, could happen someday. (Credit: DUST/YouTube)

If you give a drone a voice, it might as well be Guy Pearce‘s. In the sci-fi short film “Donny The Drone,” a sentient drone receives World Time magazine’s Person of the Year award (akin to the real award given by TIME magazine). We see Donny accept the award in a TED-esque style speech — one that will build you up, tear you down, then build you up again.

Donny is a conscious drone, which some experts believe may deserve a limited set of rights in the future. Donny says, “People and machines are not as different as you have been told. We are all citizens of this Earth, and that’s why I stand here in front of you today, not as a drone, but as a man. ”

And Donny wants to take over the world. However, he wants global domination in order to make the world a better place—doesn’t it always start that way? I’m just glad this sci-fi film isn’t about swarms of killer drones because drones can, and likely will, do a lot of  good in the future.

Watch the video below, but be warned: The end might be shocking to some.

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  • Uncle Al

    God is the worst entity to be in charge of anything. How did “The Matrix” resolve? The fun part is at the end, as it should be,




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