KFC Chicken Box Turns Into DIY Drone

By Lauren Sigfusson | January 24, 2018 3:02 pm

(Credit: KFC/kfodrone.com)

What pairs well with chicken wings? Maybe you’re thinking buffalo sauce, beer or even celery sticks, but one company wants you to finish your wings with a fun drone flight (or crash, really depends).

KFC announced Tuesday that customers can get a limited edition KFO (Kentucky Fried Object), which is a DIY drone, with select orders of Smoky Grilled Wings. Sure, it’s a lovely PR stunt, but exposing people to drone tech nonetheless.

The online instructions describe the KFO as a nano drone. It comes with everything necessary to start flying: batteries, props, frame, motors and circuit board. And users control the drone on their smartphone using an app like many consumer drones these days. There’s no information of the KFO’s battery life (it probably leaves a lot to be desired), actual size or weight — maybe it’s on the box?

But here’s the catch: It’s only available Thursday and Friday at select KFC locations in India. Kind of a bummer, but maybe if we make enough noise KFC will bring it to the U.S. If you’re lucky enough to snag one of these box-drones, remember to wash your hands before you jump on the sticks!

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