Drones Get Grabby With an Origami Arm

By Lauren Sigfusson | March 14, 2018 4:08 pm

(Credit: Kim et al., Sci. Robot. 3, eaar2915 (2018))

We all know drones offer unique views from above, but give ‘em a hand and they can do a whole lot more. With a functioning arm they could better enter tight areas or lend a hand in gathering samples.

Taking inspiration from origami, a team of researchers from Seoul National University in Korea created a deployable arm that easily attaches to a drone and unfurls when needed. In the past, origami-inspired designs were limited because they aren’t exactly structurally sound. Researchers, however, found a way to make arms both fold-able and stiff. Read More

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Drones Aid in Penguin Mega-Colony Discovery

By Lauren Sigfusson | March 6, 2018 3:18 pm

Some Adélie penguin communities are holding strong despite a trend of decline. (Credit: Louisiana State University, Courtesy Michael Polito)

What’s black, white and always dressed to impress? A penguin! And scientists, with the help of drones and poop stains, recently discovered a mega-colony of these dapper animals.

The Adélie penguin population in the Antarctic continues to decline, particularly on the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula, which some studies link to climate change. However, little is known about the population residing on the east side of the continent. After analyzing old satellite images, researchers saw signs of penguin guano that suggested there may be more penguins in the area than initially thought.
Read More

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A Drone Crashed into Apple Park … Oops

By Lauren Sigfusson | February 22, 2018 3:47 pm
drone- crash-apple-park-dji-phantom-video

Upside down, on top of a solar roof is not how you want a drone flight to end. Not at all. (Credit: Matthew Roberts/YouTube)

It turns out more than just Apple employees are crashing into the Apple campus. (Seriously, they’re running into its glass walls)

A drone pilot recently crashed a drone at Apple Park — Apple’s spaceship-like headquarters in Cupertino, California. Unfortunately, the pilot didn’t know where the precious drone crash-landed, so he recruited a fellow drone operator to help. Matthew Roberts, known for his drone videos documenting the development of Apple Park, and his DJI Phantom 4 Pro came to the rescue. Read More

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Drones Are a Greener Way to Receive Packages

By Lauren Sigfusson | February 13, 2018 3:53 pm
(Credit: Shutterstock)

Compared to delivery methods (conventional aircraft, rail and truck), delivery drones like this illustrated one could actually benefit the environment.  (Credit: Shutterstock)

One annoyance of ordering items from the internet is waiting for delivery. That’s why many companies are set on making sure you get your items as quickly as possible — like Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping.

But shipping, especially fast, comes at an environmental cost. Previous studies have shown that moving goods by conventional aircraft is four times more carbon-intensive than by truck, which is 10 times more carbon-intensive than rail. Since many companies including Amazon, UPS, Boeing and Flirtey are working toward adding drones to speed up the delivery process and greenhouse gases are releasing into Earth’s atmosphere at an alarming rate, it’s important to look at the potential environmental footprint of delivery drones.  Read More

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How Americans Really Feel About Drones

By Lauren Sigfusson | February 13, 2018 2:07 pm

(Credit: Shutterstock)

If you’re a fan of drone technology or a drone pilot yourself, it’s easy to think the tech is mainstream. It’s not.

And it turns out drone owners are just a small sliver of Americans — just 8 percent own a flying drone, according to a December 2017 study from Pew Research Center. Even though many people don’t own drones, almost 60 percent have seen someone operating one.

As of January, more than 1 million people have registered as drone owners with the FAA. That includes both hobbyist and commercial drone owners. The mandatory registration was initially instituted in 2015 but was found illegal in 2017 — it was reinstated in December 2017.  Read More

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Airbus’ Self-Flying Taxi Drone Takes First Flight

By Lauren Sigfusson | February 2, 2018 2:28 pm

(Credit: Airbus)

Airbus first announced its plans to create a self-flying taxi service in 2016. On Jan. 31, after two years of planning and building, it proved it isn’t just a pipedream — the Vahana successfully completed its first flight test.

The full-scale aircraft flew fully autonomously for 53 seconds at an altitude of 16 feet (gotta start somewhere) at its testing grounds in Pendleton, Oregon. It conducted another flight the following day, which seems to have gone well, too. The FAA was in attendance of the flight tests. Read More

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Robots to the Rescue: Saving Lives with Unmanned Vehicles

By Alex Ramirez-Serrano, University of Calgary | January 25, 2018 12:23 pm

A Westpac Little Ripper drone helped rescue two teens off the coast of Australia by dropping a flotation device to them.
(Credit: Westpac Little Ripper)

Last week’s sea rescue of Australian swimmers by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is just the start of a robotics revolution.

On January 18, an Australian lifeguard piloted a drone over the turbulent ocean off the far north coast of New South Wales to rescue two teens in distress. As thrilling as it was to watch a tiny drone drop a flotation device to the two struggling swimmers, the rescue was relatively easy, using proven robotic technology in an ideal, wide-open environment. Read More

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KFC Chicken Box Turns Into DIY Drone

By Lauren Sigfusson | January 24, 2018 3:02 pm

(Credit: KFC/kfodrone.com)

What pairs well with chicken wings? Maybe you’re thinking buffalo sauce, beer or even celery sticks, but one company wants you to finish your wings with a fun drone flight (or crash, really depends).

KFC announced Tuesday that customers can get a limited edition KFO (Kentucky Fried Object), which is a DIY drone, with select orders of Smoky Grilled Wings. Sure, it’s a lovely PR stunt, but exposing people to drone tech nonetheless. Read More

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Droning While Drunk Is Now Illegal in New Jersey

By Lauren Sigfusson | January 18, 2018 12:38 pm

Drinking and droning isn’t a good idea and it’s now illegal in New Jersey. (Credit: Tom Danneman)

Alcohol affects everyone a bit differently—some people take a few sips of beer and they’re stumbling all over, while others can ingest far more and still walk straight. You see, consuming alcohol affects the brain, which can impact your coordination and ability to think clearly—both of which are important to safely operating vehicles of all kinds, including drones.

As of Monday, it is illegal in New Jersey for people to fly drones under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as reported by Reuters. In fact, the same rules now apply to drones in that state as they do to driving cars under the influence: a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or more means you’re legally drunk. Professional drone pilots’ BAC must be even lower at .04 percent, in order to comply with regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. Read More

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Boeing’s Cargo Drone Prototype Is Huge

By Lauren Sigfusson | January 11, 2018 11:55 am

(Credit: YouTube/Boeing)

Boeing this week showcased its new unmanned electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing cargo air vehicle that can carry a payload of up to 500 pounds. In simpler terms: it’s a huge flying drone.

A team of engineers and technicians for the worldwide aerospace company moved fast to build it, creating a flying prototype in less than three months. The octocopter weighs more than 700 pounds and is powered custom batteries. It comes in at 15 feet long, 18 feet wide and 4 feet tall. It’s big…really big. Read More

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