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Autonomous Flatcars Could Help Drones Deliver Goods

By Bill Stephens | May 17, 2018 8:40 am
(Credit: Cambridge Research & Development)

Patent drawing from Cambridge Research & Development for an autonomous, battery-powered, drone-toting, delivery flatcar. (Credit: Cambridge Research & Development)

A research company is seeking funding to build a prototype autonomous, battery-powered flatcar that would serve as a platform for package-delivery drones.

Cambridge Research & Development in New Hampshire has applied for a patent for the concept. The vehicle, Cambridge founder and CEO Ken Steinberg says, could carry and deliver freight or serve as a moving platform for autonomous package-delivery drones. Read More

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Future Cities Could Be Designed for Drone Delivery

By Lauren Sigfusson | March 23, 2018 2:09 pm

These could be the delivery drones of the future. (Credit: YouTube/Denzeen)

When you think of drone delivery, what comes to mind? Pizzas falling from the sky, crowded skies or maybe you just don’t think it’ll ever happen? No matter the case, a new video shows what a future with delivery drones might look like.

PriestmanGoode, an industrial design agency based in London, released the trailer for “Elevation” — a film of a drone delivery concept — at the GREAT Festival of Innovation in Hong Kong earlier this week. The delivery system, called Dragonfly, is  seamlessly integrated into the cities of the future and serves as the main method of delivery. Read More

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Drones Are a Greener Way to Receive Packages

By Lauren Sigfusson | February 13, 2018 3:53 pm
(Credit: Shutterstock)

Compared to delivery methods (conventional aircraft, rail and truck), delivery drones like this illustrated one could actually benefit the environment. (Credit: Shutterstock)

One annoyance of ordering items from the internet is waiting for delivery. That’s why many companies are set on making sure you get your items as quickly as possible — like Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping.

But shipping, especially fast, comes at an environmental cost. Previous studies have shown that moving goods by conventional aircraft is four times more carbon-intensive than by truck, which is 10 times more carbon-intensive than rail. Since many companies including Amazon, UPS, Boeing and Flirtey are working toward adding drones to speed up the delivery process and greenhouse gases are releasing into Earth’s atmosphere at an alarming rate, it’s important to look at the potential environmental footprint of delivery drones. Read More

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Delivery Drones Allowed to Fly in the U.S. Starting Next Month

By Carl Engelking | June 24, 2015 2:57 pm
A Flirtey hexacopter carries a package in Australia, where the company calls home. (YouTube screengrab)

A Flirtey hexacopter carries a package in Australia, where the company calls home. (YouTube screengrab)

Here in the United States, it seemed like legal red tape would stall the launch of delivery drones for years, but the wait is over sooner than expected.

On July 17, the Federal Aviation Administration will allow unmanned aircraft to deliver medical supplies to a free clinic during research flights in West Virginia. That occasion will be the first legal drone delivery on U.S. soil, and represent another big step forward for the U.S. drone industry. Read More


Amazon’s Drones Could Follow You to Complete a Delivery

By Carl Engelking | May 7, 2015 3:28 pm

Amazon Drone Delivery

If Amazon’s drone delivery service ever gets airborne, the company’s drones may follow you to work to deliver your package.

That’s one of the more intriguing details included in Amazon’s patent application, approved April 30, which lays out the company’s plan of operation for its delivery drones. The document indicates that Amazon’s vision for drone deliveries is a lot bigger than just moving a package from point A to point B. Read More


Drone Delivery Services Are Booming In China

By Carl Engelking | March 27, 2015 12:39 pm

SF Express delivery drone. (Credit: Weibo)

While companies like Amazon are chomping at the bit to launch drone delivery services in the United States, packages are already soaring through the air in China.

Two years ago, residents in the city of Dongguang spotted experimental SF Express-branded delivery drones hovering overhead with packages in tow. SF Express is the country’s largest mail carrier, and it presently delivers roughly 500 packages a day via drone. Now, the company says it plans to expand its services and double the number a packages it sends each day, according to a Chinese news report.

The state of drone couriers in China couldn’t contrast more with the situation here in the United States. Read More



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