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Robot Aces Water-to-Air Transition

By Lauren Sigfusson | October 26, 2017 11:13 am


Another day, another bioinspired drone. But this microrobot, powered through a wire tether, can launch itself through the air and into water — then blast itself back into the air.

Harvard researchers have been working on bee-like robots for years, and a new study published Wednesday in Science Robotics shows more advancement. Scientists showed the little bot could successfully hover in the air, transition from air to water, swim, takeoff from the water and land on the water, according to the paper. Read More

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Own a Drone? You’ll Probably Need to Register It

By Shannon Stirone | October 20, 2015 4:16 pm

Recreational drone pilots will need to register their vehicles.

The recreational drone industry is in for shake-up.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced on Monday that it would require all drones to be registered with the federal government. After hundreds of close calls with commercial aircraft this year, the use of drones near airports has spurred a crackdown on recreational flyers. Read More


This Guy Went Fishing With a Drone… And It Worked

By Carl Engelking | September 2, 2015 3:50 pm


Call it beginner’s luck. Call it genius. Whatever you call it, the fact remains the same: This guy caught a fish with his DJI Phantom.

Derek Klingenberg, whose YouTube alias adds “Farmer” to the front of his name, does the “Whip Nae Nae” with cows, puts a farming spin on Kendrick Lamar songs, and also fishes with quadcopters. It didn’t take long for him to get a bite.  Read More

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U.S. Pilots Have Had Nearly 700 Close Calls With Drones

By Carl Engelking | August 24, 2015 3:20 pm


If you’re looking for today’s version of the “Wild West,” just look skyward.

Consumer drones are flooding the U.S. market in a big way, and more people are flying drones than ever before. Unfortunately, airplane and helicopter pilots are seeing that trend in the worst place possible: just outside their cockpit windows. So far this year, pilots have reported more than 650 close calls with drones. That number is almost three times as many as were reported in all of 2014. Read More

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Will We Pick Privacy Over Convenience When It Comes to Drones?

By Caren Morrison, Georgia State University | August 18, 2015 10:21 am

(Credit: marekuliasz/Shutterstock)

When a Kentucky man shot his neighbor’s drone out of the sky over his house this July, the story hit a nerve. What’s a guy to do when there’s a drone snooping in his backyard, scaring his kids?

It seemed every talking head, from Kentucky state representatives to local news anchors to Fox & Friends, had come to a consensus: there ought to be a law.

Read More

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VIDEO: Australian Eagle Takes Out Drone in Midair

By Carl Engelking | August 10, 2015 3:56 pm

(Credit: Screengrab from Melbourne Aerial Video/YouTube)

The wedge-tailed eagle is Australia’s largest bird of prey, and it should strike fear into the heart of drone pilots everywhere.

While flying in the Australian bush, Adam Lancaster encountered the aerial predator, which was about 6 feet across from wing tip to wing tip. It’s unclear whether the bird was hungry or angry, but it took Lancaster’s drone out of the sky with ease. Read More

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Facebook Reveals Its First Full-Size Internet Drone

By Carl Engelking | July 30, 2015 4:17 pm

(Credit: Facebook)

Facebook took another step toward its goal of connecting all of the world’s citizens to the Internet.

On Thursday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that they finished constructing their first full-scale prototype of Aquila, a solar-powered, unmanned aircraft that could someday provide Internet access for people living in places lacking the infrastructure required to surf the Web. Read More

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VIDEO: Man Rescues His Drone… With Another Drone

By Carl Engelking | July 24, 2015 2:47 pm


When your drone gets lost on a neighbor’s rooftop, it’s high time to channel your inner MacGyver.

And that’s exactly what Harrisen Howes did. Read More

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Drone Pilot Helps Rescue Flood Victims in Texas

By Carl Engelking | May 21, 2015 3:57 pm
(Screengrab via YouTube)

(Screengrab via YouTube)

If you want a case-in-point example of the crucial role drones can play at the scene of a disaster, just watch these videos taken by an amateur pilot, and good Samaritan, from Texas.

Garret Bryl, a volunteer drone pilot working with the Joshua Fire Department in Texas, used his drone on two separate occasions to help save four people stranded amidst raging floodwaters on Sunday. Read More

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Foldable Drone Fits in Your Pocket

By Carl Engelking | May 19, 2015 3:57 pm


But does it fit in your pocket?

This simple question is an oft-used standard to determine the utility of our high-tech devices. What good is a cell phone that doesn’t fit in your pocket? Now, it appears, drones are yet another class of gadget that has achieved the coveted pocket-sized standard of excellence.

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology created a minuscule folding quadcopter that can outstretch its arms and get airborne within one second. The entire thing, when folded, fits neatly into the palm of your hand, making it easy to transport and deploy regardless of the situation. Read More



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