Evo-thugz in the house!!!

By Razib Khan | March 24, 2006 6:28 am

About a month ago I asked around for some bio-geek-rhymes. MC Coffee Mug, AKA The Genius, stepped forward. Props to the thug (and PUBMED too).

Matako-chan, represent!

MC Coffee Mug rap

yo I’m down for chuck d like
Thomas Huxley

where my bulldogs at this shit
is getting ugly

punk please styles are various
and sundry

found the game like amerie in jamaica wanting

leapt in cos cats wasn’t really hungry

break ya off a fireball like chun li

gave ya girl a dose of oxytocin in her undies

trust me fundies do not want to test

I got bullets in my power point
I’ll put’em in a chest

tryna get in my head yo I put’em

I’m such a pest I flew over
just to eject you from
the nest

who’s next? got ya callin time out like brubeck

come down hard and make ya
sorrier than oobleck

shinin so bright I break the spell and then a few necks

move MEKs and learn ya some new steps like Basso

I see ya runnin round lost in ya castle asshole

I run Hanoi tower tasks facile

hit up that hashbowl; feel
it bumpin in ya gracile nucleus

imagine me doin discs large makin other rappers furious

paintin pictures in the puniest precuneus

honestly significant like Tukey’s test

leave ya lady with me and I
seize her like Julius

bust out with Singh studies and start givin her beauty tips

how big is your waist compared
to how big your booty is

coffee mug is the name science
rhyming what my duty is

wack rappers to me is like
target message to the RISC

I take it down to the molecular

emcees thought they was wild
but they was really dishevelled

frizzled lost control of their
fate scared of the devil

introduce’em to the stranger
the plague and the rebel

settle this selection shit
no need to argue evidence

just put’em off the bullshit
and science takes precedence

no hesitance I’m pushin it
to prevalence

check me out yo its mccm in
the residence

  • Benzene

    I do beats if you want something behind this.

  • http://thegenius.typepad.com mccm

    thanks benzene.. if you do beats and you want to put something behind a science rap track i can probably send you an a capella off of my album i just finished.. i haven’t got it up yet cos i’m waitin on art so i can have something pretty to sell.. but i was thinkin remixes might be a good gift to website visitors.. hit me up at the email listed and i’ll give you info where you can download it and pick a track out..


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