I am evil

By Razib Khan | March 28, 2006 6:15 pm

Very evil in fact. See below.

Via Afarensis.

You Are 62% Evil

You are very evil. And you’re too evil to care.
Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.
  • http://catallarchy.net/blog/ Matt McIntosh

    I weigh in at 40%: “A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well. In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.” Aww yeah.

  • http://pooflingers.blogspot.com IAMB

    I scored 68%. Now you don’t have to feel that bad.
    Oh wait: you’re so evil you probably don’t care. 😉

  • http://bigdumbchimp.blogspot.com bigdumbchimp

    you evil bastards

  • http://akinokure.blogspot.com Agnostic

    44% — and I thought I’d score in the 60s. Dude, you’re fucking evil. That chick in your icon’s hot though.

  • Rikurzhen

    66% — probably lawful evil

  • robert

    68%. Hmm. Must have been that homeless nun I torched a few years back.

  • jim Ricker

    whew! Over at respectful insolence they were squirming in the twenties–my kind of people here, with my score of 52%

  • outeast

    Snap, Jim. How come all those others are scoring so low?
    Oh, I get it. No points are awarded for lying in the quiz…

  • http://scienceblogs.com/gnxp/ razib

    man…you guyz put me to shame. and rik, i’m shocked, are you hanging out with GC a lot or what? i thought you’d be the softy center-lefty….

  • Rikurzhen

    Well, generally the only things I haven’t done (at least once) on that list are drug and violence related.
    And giving money to the homeless really is a waste where I live — dudes have cell phones.

  • Rikurzhen

    …and some of this stuff is give-away:
    “You would choose your life over the lives of 100,000 strangers”
    dude, we all do that every day we don’t sell our organs and donate the money to an African AIDS charity.

  • http://scienceblogs.com/gnxp/ razib

    dude, we all do that every day we don’t sell our organs and donate the money to an African AIDS charity.
    think with your heart, not your brain :)

  • outeast

    dude, we all do that every day we don’t sell our organs and donate the money to an African AIDS charity.
    Dude, if your organs are in a saleable condition then no way are you living a life sinful enough to score 66%!

  • michael vassar

    Wow, that heart vs brain thing helped a lot. I went from 42% evil to 16%.

  • matoko_homo_cyberneticus

    i got 96%.
    the only ones i couldn’t check were hates kids and been arrested.
    fear me. 😉

  • http://scienceblogs.com/gnxp/ razib

    mary mother of god!!!

  • pconroy

    Hmmm, I’m 54% evil it seems!

  • http://www.gnxp.com/ Justin

    68% you mofos!


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