Meow Friday

By Razib Khan | April 28, 2006 12:22 pm

The lion roars…by the way, in case anyone cared, my evil black cat is only up to three birds this spring. I think the worst is over.
Update: More cat below the fold.


  • Fred J

    Hi Razib,
    We watch our neighbor’s solid white cat trying to ambush the birds in our yard. We have not noticed her catching one though.
    We once had a minature dachshund that caught a large gray squirrel. We always talked about the wild squirrel would probably whip our small dog in a fight. Our dog had the squirrel in her mouth about mid trunk. The squirrel bent and turned to bite the dog, but all the dog did was to close it’s mouth some more and the squirrel went limp.
    I like cats though.

  • Eileen

    “…my evil black cat is only up to three birds this spring.”
    You think that’s evil? I stopped my indoor Himalayan from hunting the only bird she ever had a chance to.

  • Dan Dare

    I think black cats are cool.
    If I ever get an pet animal, it’ll be a black cat.

  • Mike McKeown

    The feral gray cat that often patrols our yard flounced by with a young rabbit a few weeks back. At first I didn’t know what it was. My wife figured it out, but was aghast.
    Of course, she (my wife) denies that our inside cat is a natural born killer.


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