Catholicism & evolution = something to do with Islam?

By Razib Khan | May 1, 2006 3:18 am

Here is a long article titled Catholicism and Evolution which covers a lot of ground and seems pretty accurate. The interesting thing though is that this is published at Islam Online. Weird huh?

  • Tony Jackson

    In fact, many believers of Islam are just as hostile to Evolution as the fundamentalist Christians. See here:

  • razib

    yes. partly that’s because they’re stupid (e.g., check the literacy rates in muslim countries). evolution isn’t as intuitively appealing as many ppl assume….

  • Corkscrew

    Problem with evolution is that it’s so easily portrayed as Evil Godless Atheist {Capitalist;Communist (delete whichever is inappropriate)} Scientists trying to undermine the authority of Holy {insert religion of choice}. It’s not saying much that the only religion that really incorporates any of the underlying concepts of evolution is Scientology…

  • NuSapiens

    It’s the confusion of Darwinism with *Social* Darwinism that turns people off.
    Evolution is often wrongly associated with a hierarchical “Great Chain of Being” worldview (which many people *do* seem to think it represents). People from minorities often assume evolution is used by the white world to justify its militarism and paternalism (ahem, imperialism), as well as racism. So they can be a little hesitant to accept it.
    I’ve met African-Americans who are hostile to evolution because they know that whites use it to think “blacks are like monkeys, so we can hate/ignore them freely.” White *scientists* might not say this, but the white hoi polloi sure do.
    Of course, Darwinian fitness is better defined by who leaves the most viable offspring. By that measure, the white world is lagging a bit. Maybe La Raza will become Darwinist. After all, turnabout is fairplay.


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