Hot for missionary?!?!

By Razib Khan | June 27, 2006 12:14 pm

A random hot chick approached me and started talking to me on the street, real aggressive like. I was pretty taken aback until I realized she was a Jehovah’s Witness, though I didn’t comprehend that until I looked at the literature she gave me. I don’t really know what she said, and I left the literature in the coffee shop where I got my morning fix, but this is certainly the first time that I’ve been approached by a smokin’ JW. But I don’t know if it’s good for the spread of the faith since I doubt this individual induces moral rectitude in most males who she approaches with a bright smile. Of course she could take it to the next step, in the late 4th century though the emperor was Christian the Senate in Rome was the redoubt of pagan males. Nonetheless, many of their wives were Christian, and they raised their children in that faith.

  • Left_Wing_Fox

    I was approached by a pair of very attractive mormon girls (18 or so) while readiong on the beach one day.
    Unfortunately for them, I was reading James Clavell’s Shogun, and the pitch was “Do you ever think the governments of the world will unite one day? They will under god!” “Ah gee, I’m sorry, but I’ve just been reading the refutation. Bye!”

  • Carter

    I saw a hot girl handing out Lyndon Larouche pamphlets once. I don’t know if you have Larouchians wherever you are, but if you do you know how incongrous that is.

  • David Boxenhorn

    Happened to me once, too. Except there were two of them. And they were blond. And they took me out for beer. And in was in Tel Aviv. We talked for a long time about spiritual stuff. I thought they were interested in what I had to say. Then they said, “we would just like to give you this” – a New Testament. The penny dropped. What a bummer. (I was single at that time.)

  • Agnostic

    Smokin’ smokin’, or Oregon smokin’? You mentioned normalization to local looks in another post on rubbernecking.

  • razib

    this isn’t portland. smokin’

  • David B

    I believe some of these cults call it ‘flirty-fishing’.

  • John Emerson

    A friend of mine who grew up in a Mormon community says that they’d encourage their 16-year-old girls to go after Gentile (non-Mormon) guys a little older than them. Nothing before marriage, but marriage at 16 is the norm. They even have dances in church.

  • Half

    “I was approached by a pair of very attractive mormon girls”
    Mormon girls are pretty hot.

  • razib

    i am pretty sure this is true about mormons (i grew up in mormon country).

  • John Emerson

    And needless to say, you copnvert before marriage.

  • razib

    well, i knew a guy who compromised with his mormon wife
    1) the kids were raised mormon
    2) the kids were raised democrat
    they split the difference.

  • Rietzsche Boknecht

    Mormon girls are pretty hot.
    What distinguishes “mormon” chicks from others wrt appearance/hotness? I mean, Mormon is a religious word. Forgive me for asking, because I live in Queens, NYC, & I don’t think I see what people see when they live in the inner US.

  • Marc

    ‘flirty fishing’ is more or less specific to the Children of God.
    There’s a Kingdom Hall at the end of the road, and I get missionaries if I sleep too late on Saturdays.
    I got this cute redhead-and-blonde pair some time back, but now all I get are these old dudes. Maybe they’re worried about me converting some cute chicks to Satanic atheism.

  • David

    Okay, I see no one really knows much about mormons here. For the most part they are nice people with great morals. They’re not perfect in anyway and they understand that and are reminded that on a constant basis, but they’re still quite a few steps above most people I know. I don’t care if you friggin don’t agree with their beliefs. You can’t deny that they definately promote standards that if everyone one followed would make the world better. And just so no one confuses these two groups, Modern day plygamists (or however you spell it) are not really mormons. They say they are, but they’re just a bunch of people who left the church when it didnt continue Pylgamy. They’re just really misunderstood and I’m tired of baptsts and protestants always saying crap about them being devil worshippers. I’ve had lots of mormon friends. They were always there for me when I needed them and stopped me from doing some stupid things.
    But the above is true. Mormon girls are usually pretty hott. Personally I think its because they’re more respectable than most girls.

  • Danish guy

    Man guys this is so simple. It is because of the Danish genes. Look at Danish girls and then look at Mormon girls. If you think Danes are hot then you will think Mormons are hot. Mormons are descended from people who were part Danish and Swedish and English. It is that simple. They have a unique genetic cross that works pretty well.


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