The man

By Razib Khan | August 27, 2006 3:02 pm

papa.gifThis is the man….

  • coturnix


  • Tara C. Smith

    Why? ’cause he’s shirtless, wears tights, and hangs around in mushrooms with a bunch of other guys?

  • Dylab

    As a physics major I can sympathize with not being in contact with many women.
    Although he does seem a little too happy considering that though…

  • Alan Kellogg

    You do realize that he does run around shirtless in a forest with lots of mushrooms with lots of other guys. And all of them much younger than he is.
    And note that not one of them so much as touches Smurfette.

  • windy

    So what is the current consensus on Smurf reproduction? Should we go with the asexual budding followed by cannibalism paradigm or are they mammals (cause Papa has the beard)?

  • dcmichelle
  • pough

    Why? ’cause he’s shirtless, wears tights, and hangs around in mushrooms with a bunch of other guys?

    Isn’t is obvious? He’s the Papa. Those are his children. Dude knew how to get some.


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