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By Razib Khan | August 30, 2006 2:25 am

Habanero.jpgTo the right you see a habanero pepper, 100-350 K Scoville units (Jalapeno is 2.5-8 K). I can eat 2 habeneros in one sitting and enjoy it. And what does not kill you can cure cancer. Hot dog! On the other hand, if I want something which is a little less spicey and has a more tangy, aromatic flavor, I really enjoy green Thai peppers. I’m the spicey ScienceBlogger.

  • http://scienceblogs.com/evolvingthoughts/ John Wilkins

    Just because you we born with fewer Capsaicin receptors than the rest of us doesn’t make you more manly than we normally endowed folk…

  • csrster

    It’s one thing to get them down. It’s when they re-emerge that they’re at their most painful.

  • http://catallarchy.net/blog/ Matt McIntosh

    I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy! I can handle green Thai, but I have not yet been able to conquer the habanero. But Wilkins is right: it’s like being born a genius and then bragging about your GRE scores. Grrrr.

  • somnilista, FCD

    To the right you see a

    Oh, you mean your other right!

  • http://scienceblogs.com/gnxp razib

    Just because you we born with fewer Capsaicin receptors than the rest of us doesn’t make you more manly than we normally endowed folk…
    tell that to the ladies….

  • Bizy

    Your nuts.
    Next you’ll be telling us about the time you poured alcohol over your wounds for fun.

  • http://akinokure.blogspot.com agnostic

    tell that to the ladies
    What would really be convenient for these purposes would be insensitivity to lactobaccillus. Oh yeah, I went there.

  • GeneThug

    I’m the spicey ScienceBlogger
    So who’re the Sporty, Scary, Baby, and Posh ScienceBloggers?

  • http://akinokure.blogspot.com Agnostic

    I can be posh if i wanna.

  • Dave

    I can eat Habanero’s whole. Granted i get a bad red rash on my neck and my eyes water and nose starts to drip. But thats ok!


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