A week of Just Science, what it's about

By Razib Khan | January 18, 2007 12:06 am

RPM and Chris have hit most of the points in regards to the Just Science project. To be short, what it’s not about is anti-science. Just one week, that’s all. It certainly isn’t about traffic or comment response. It isn’t about ease of posting, expressing a clever opinion, but rather a tight exposition of a difficult concept. And it isn’t about any one blogger, and it isn’t about you, it’s about science. Myself, I don’t have the marginal time to spend writing one deep scientific post a day, so I’m putting things in the queue right now. I’m going to set up Just Science as an aggregator weblog. In other words, for a week in early February the website will bring together scientific content from all the blogs who take up the challenge, and you can then use that feed to keep track of the posts.


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