Etruscan update – more evidence

By Razib Khan | February 17, 2007 3:13 pm

etn.jpgSuccess begets succes, Dienekes was looking closely at genetic data due to the publication two papers which suggest an Anatolian origin for Etruscans (there has been previous mtDNA going back at least 5 years as well). He finds that central Italy exhibits a relatively high frequency of a variant of Haplogroup J, famously connected to the spread of farmers from Anatolia into Europe during the Neolithic revolution. Not that we’re on the trail of the definitive answer I suspect that things will “fit into place” far more easily. Scholarship is informed by scholarship, knowing that the Etruscans are of Anatolian origin, at least partially (remember that the presence of mtDNA suggests that they brought some of their women folk over) a massive movement.

  • manju

    Where do you propose Proto-IE urheimat?

  • razib

    Where do you propose Proto-IE urheimat?
    i lean toward the black sea – caspian region…but i am open to the possibility that this was a secondary locus of expansion.

  • dearieme

    It’s so hard not to read it as e-Truscan.

  • Geewilligers

    I’m an alien! I feed human babies to my spaceship to keep the engine going.


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