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By Razib Khan | February 19, 2007 11:36 am

For those of you who don’t know, check out, which has an archive of all the South Park episodes. I don’t own a TV mostly because most of the stuff is crap but still compulsively addictive…but the great thing about South Park is that I enjoy 80-90% of the episodes, so there is a good chance that I won’t waste my time.

  • jeffk

    I love South Park about 80-90% of the time, too. But I get really annoyed when they try to be above an issue by taking a weak moderate stance that makes them inconsistent. Recall, for example, episodes making fun of Mormons and Scientologists, and being spot on and funny, and then the next season they’re making fun of atheists. That’s when it bugs me. Or when they’re being swarmy libertarians and going after Al Gore.

  • Salad Is Slaughter

    The Biggest Douche in the Universe where they expose swindler, I mean medium John Edward may be one of their finest shows ever.

  • Measure

    jeffk, South Park is remarkable consistent in offending everyone. If there is a group that hasn’t yet been offended, they’ll get around to it.
    In other words, Just because they bash atheists doesn’t mean they’re pro-religion.

  • jeffk

    Why not offend those who ask for it? As I recall, the episode making fun of Mormons, for example, made it pretty obvious just how silly the story was. It was rational satire. On the other hand, the episode where the townspeople decided to become atheists featured them shitting out of their mouths. Clearly atheists are harder to make fun of because, well, they’re the most rational. While it is something of an equal-opportunity offender, the show clearly has libertarian politics that, well, have the flaws libertarian politics tend to have. They’re so smart, I just wish they would leverage their effectiveness by choosing their targets, and choosing the right ones.
    In other words, I’m not bothered because I’m thin-skinned or easily offended. But making fun of everybody begs the question, where do they stand and why? Why use their power of influence to make fun of both John Edward, who’s an asshole at best, criminal at worst, and Al Gore, who, even if you don’t like him, couldn’t possibly be making better use of his time as an ex-vice-president educating people about a critical issue?

  • chet snicker

    and choosing the right ones
    you sir have the confidence of the true believer in the certitude of the ascertainment of right & wrong.
    c.v. snicker

  • JohnL

    “Why won’t anybody listen to me?! ManBearPig is in there and we have to kill him while we all have the chance! I’m cereal!”
    Love it.

  • jeffk

    snicker: Never a right answer, eh? Yes you’re right. It seems impossible for the choose who’s more deserving of a South Park-style skewering, Al Gore or John Edward. The world’s just a mystical, relative place. Excuse me while I go read my Creationism “science” books now.
    I suspect that Trey Parker and Matt Stone know damn well who deserves it but they’re too chicken to be seen as partisan.

  • jeffk

    On a related note, why do all online discussions devolve into “how dare you assume you’re correct. Everyone knows all of our cute little opinions are equally valid!” If you want to disagree, fine, tell me why, but don’t insult discussion by implying I’m arrogant for making an assertion. I gave a specific example to back myself up: please, do explain to me, why does Al Gore deserve to be a target, and if he doesn’t deserve it, then what’s the point of making him one when there clearly exist people who DO deserve it?

  • justaguy

    I gave a specific example to back myself up: please, do explain to me, why does Al Gore deserve to be a target, and if he doesn’t deserve it, then what’s the point of making him one when there clearly exist people who DO deserve it?
    because it’s funny?

  • jeffk

    So long as funny is worth the consequences of some percentage of the people watching the show thinking that he’s wrong.
    I’m not humorless, really. I’m just saying that South Park, which I think is almost always hilarious, misses sometimes.


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