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By Razib Khan | August 20, 2007 11:46 pm

Most of you know that I was in NYC this weekend and I hung with the ScienceBlogs crowd. Others have summarized the goings on with eminent competence, so I won’t add more to that. There was lots of fun to be had, and I made sure I had some of it. But, I would like to give a shout out to two individuals: Lee Billings and Joshua “I like it brown!” Roebke. They’re editors at Seed, and really fun guys when drunk/drinking. I do have to say that my memories are pretty pleasant since I schooled Roebke in a “Yo Mama!” face off, nerd style. He likes it dead and brown; that’s all you have to know. As for Billings, he’s a chill guy whose passion for the space program I sympathize with. The editors at Seed aren’t just word smiths, they’re fully rounded humans beings who like to drink beer.
P.S. And Orac, I hope someone finally told you I am not Scientific Indian.

  • Lee Billings

    It was great meeting you, too, Razib… Though I must confess my memory of everything after karaoke began is a bit hazy.
    Definitely looking forward to seeing you next year, bro.


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