By Razib Khan | September 28, 2007 2:47 pm

OK, someone got his foot run over by a car, and had to have a few toes removed. He’s fine, though he’ll go crazy staying in….

  • CRM-114

    Get your cats a box of pingpong balls. These are great fun to chase across the carpet, where traction is superb, and across hard floors, where they bounce wildly and traction is tricky. There is no possibility of swallowing them (unless your cat is actually a cougar). When things get too quiet, launch a pingpong ball across the room to perk things up and maybe start a competitive game of chase the bounding ball.
    Another good toy is the ordinary paper grocery bag. Straighten it out to full volume, then place on its side in the middle of a room with the open end not facing an entrance. Eventually a cat will wander inside and appreciate the warmth, quiet, and darkness. And soon enough, another cat will enter the room. The slightest ‘scritch’ of paw or whisker on bag paper, and the intruder’s eyes will light up, and then attack is inevitable.

  • http://akinokure.blogspot.com agnostic

    Oh, poor thing!

  • http://scienceblogs.com/gnxp razib

    he’s doing OK. he’s home and sleeping; the cast is not something he’s adjusted to yet.

  • L

    Wasn;t this one injured before?

  • http://scienceblogs.com/gnxp razib


  • judy

    Hey Zeeb – I imagine he’s already going crazy with that collar/cone…is she being nice to him? Glad to hear he’s doing better – give them both a hug for me. aj

  • http://www.scienceblogs.com/gnxp razib

    1) the collar is pretty loose, and we took the cone off. he’s doing ok so far.
    2) she’s keeping her distance, so they’re doing fine.

  • http://www.accidentalblogger.typepad.com Ruchira

    Think about what I said before. Try to “wean” away him from the outdoors (easier said than done, but it can be done) and make him into an indoor cat so he won’t have any more encounters with other animals or automobiles. You have to be especially concerned now that he won’t be so fleet of feet any more. You can still let him out for 15 – 20 minutes each day under supervision so he won’t stray. An outdoor cat’s longevity is way shorter than that of an indoor one.
    All best for a speedy recovery. He’s a cutie.

  • Adrienne

    Agreed on attempting to make kitty indoors-only. You will end up with lower vet bills, and kitty will most likely have a longer lifespan.

  • http://www.hepzinde.com geciktirici

    Oh, poor cat..


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