Firefox 3.0 beta

By Razib Khan | November 23, 2007 12:45 am

I downloaded and installed Firefox 3.0 beta. It might have some bugs, but it resolved all the problems I’d been having earlier with Firefox crashing in gmail.

  • SMC

    I’m looking forward to the fact that Firefox 3.0 is supposed to fix the irritating problem with long title attributes that display when you hover over an element getting truncated rather than displayed over multiple lines like every other browser seems to do. (This is currently really my only complaint about Firefox.)

  • JYB

    @SMC – I know. Then I can read the whole tag lines for XKCD!
    Well, I’m looking forward to firefox not using 2G of RAM everytime I leave it open overnight.

  • brtkrbzhnv

    Three-letter people: Just install the Popup ALT Attribute extension.

  • Lassi Hippeläinen

    There are still a few bugs left in it. Mozilla seems to have redefined the meaning of “beta release”. Previously a program that had hundreds of known issues was called alpha.

  • Monado

    I installed the latest download that FF shoved at me and now I can’t right-click and save pictures. (At my last contract, I quickly combed through my blog and saved some of the better images for the photo-album slide-show screen-saver.)
    However, that’s only

  • TGGP

    Gmail works fine for me but I’ve been having problems with my browsers crasing that I asked for advice with here, but haven’t gotten a response. Maybe upgrading to Firefox 3.0 will do the trick though.

  • pconroy

    I had some problems with Gmail recently, and now I attribute them to the Better Gmail extension.
    Google had recently updated my Gmail interface to the newer one, and Better Gmail was written to work with the older one.
    I removed it and installed Better Gmail 2 – now all is well again.


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