Human evolutionary genetics papers this week….

By Razib Khan | February 21, 2008 1:55 am

I haven’t had time to read them, but John Hawks already commented:

A flush of papers this week (two today in Nature, one tomorrow in Science) describe new analyses of SNPs across the genome. Two of the papers sample SNPs in global samples numbering more than 500 individuals.

…and Yann Klimentidis.

  • pconroy

    Well the second paper – which Dienekes has a STRUCTURE map from – is very interesting, as it shows that Papuans and Pima clustering together?!
    I guess I’ve read before about Fuegians – – appearing somewhat similar to Australoids before, but this is genetic proof that some Native Americans and Australoids are actually related!
    The Fuegians are thought to be physically, culturally and linguistically distinct from other Native Americans. Some proponents of this theory suggest they may be the descendants of Australian Aborigines who colonized the area prior to the arrival of Asian Amerindians. Both Tehuelches and Selk’nams practiced body painting and rock art similar to that of Australian Aborigines. In contrast to most Amerindian peoples, Fuegians appeared to be taller than most Europeans (this does not include the Yahgans, who were quite short with skinny limbs and fat bodies- a physical adaptation to the cold, or the Kawesqar.) (See: Patagon myth.)

  • pconroy

    So are the Pima, Greg Cochran’s lost Neanderthals?!

  • razib

    but this is genetic proof that some Native Americans and Australoids are actually related!
    LOL. no, it’ sproof that STRUCTURE suggested a relationship given some K’s. different thing altogether. j. pritchard & co. are not gods 😉

  • pconroy

    Actually, forget my above comments – I misread the small print, that’s not Papuans and Pima, rather Melanesians, duh!

  • SteveF

    Also check out this interesting paper:
    Natural selection and cultural rates of change

  • SteveF

    Oooops, just checked GNXP and you already did! Apologies.


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