Shrimp, it's what's for dinner….

By Razib Khan | June 1, 2008 11:23 pm

shrimp-appetizer.jpgShrimp is my favorite food; I really like shrimp. When I was an undergrad I used to stuff myself during “shrimp night” at the cafeteria. Basically I would show up at 4:30 and hang out eating until 7:00, then I would recline for an hour because moving was going to be really, really, painfull. Once I managed to walk without discomfort I’d go and lay down on my bed in the dorm room because I was worried about my stomach exploding. I really like shrimp. So with that, check out Deep Sea News as CJ posts about sustainable seafood. To my chagrin I ordered fried shrimp when I was visiting CJ in Monterey last winter…I hope it was Oregon shrimp!

  • agnostic

    How do you hide it from those two cats if you eat it so often? Or maybe you add spices to it so quickly that they get turned off?
    That stuff is like crack for my maine coon.

  • razib

    fluffy iz picky. blackee keeps to himself unless it is proffered in his direction.


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