If you know genetics, you don't fear genetic testing

By Razib Khan | April 12, 2009 5:18 pm

That’s what Dan MacArthur found in the GSS after doing a follow up on my post below.

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    “If you know genetics, you don’t fear genetic testing”

    That sounds like the “No True Scotsman” fallacy.[1]
    I think someone needs to go write a Sci-Fi novel about governments (or other organizations which use coercion) that effectively selectively breed their citizens[2], so that people have something to really fear[3] :-) Perhaps selective breeding is for the purpose of trying to remove aggression, like in the movie Serenity. Or for the purpose of keeping the ruling class in power. Or even to create various working castes. Etc.
    [1] Yeah, I know I’m taking out of context. But it’s funny that way :-)
    [2] The effective selective breeding could be done by requiring licenses for breeding. By being selective over who is granted a license. And making breeding without a license illegal, and having a strong policy of punishing those who violate the law.
    Governments could also make it mandatory that all fetuses have their genes be sequenced. Governments could grant themselves the right to terminate any fetus it chooses to.
    There could also be laws which restricts who someone is permitted to breed with.
    Actually, didn’t Plato or Aristotle dream up all sorts of ways to selectively breed the citizenry?
    [3] Although I suppose this isn’t really a fear of genetic testing in general, but a fear of having the results of your genetic tests not being anonymous to everyone else that looks at it (including the company that did the test for you).


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