By Razib Khan | May 15, 2009 8:53 am

Back to the real deal!


  • diana

    I feel that long-haired katz are more affectionate than shorthaired. Of course this is ridiculous. Does anyone else feel this way? If so, why?

  • Dylan

    Katz > Giggling Baby

  • linda seebach

    I don’t know about long-haired cats in general — maybe it’s just that petting them feels so nice — but there’s an obscure breed called ragdolls (they look like Himalayans) that is affectionate nearly to a fault. (“Get rid of that thing on your lap, I need to sit there.”) I’m trying to teach mine to ride around on my walker (she likes that) so I can take her on walks around the senior residence where I live and everybody can pet her.

  • http://akinokure.blogspot.com agnostic

    Most wild felids aren’t long-haired, including the wildcats that the domestic cat split off from.
    So maybe when we selected them for a more agreeable personality (…relative to other cats…), we hit a gene with pleitropic effects on hair length. It wouldn’t be unusual in the history of domestication.

  • http://blog.ninapaley.com Nina Paley

    I feel that long-haired katz are more affectionate than shorthaired.
    My short-haired cat Bruno apparently didn’t get that memo.
    But since Bruno is a black cat, I now feel that black cats are more affectionate (and handsome and intelligent) than any other kind.


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